Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry The Inauguration of “Tomoya Ogawa Young Investigator Award” and “JCC Best Paper Award”

Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry

On behalf of the Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, we are pleased to announce 2017s winners of the"Best Paper Award" and “Tomoya Ogawa Young Investigator Award” to recognize promising young scientists in the field of carbohydrate research. This award honors Professor Tomoya Ogawa, who is a legendary figure in carbohydrate research.

Professor Ogawa received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees both from University of Tokyo, Japan. He served then as a scientist and laboratory head at RIKEN, Japan from 1968 to 1998 and Professor of cellular biochemistry at University of Tokyo from 1990 to 1998. After 1998, he has fulfilled a number of administrative positions at RIKEN, including Director of Wako Institute, Director of Yokohama Institute, Executive Director and Vice President of RIKEN. He is currently Scientist Emeritus and Adviser to RIKEN and Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo.

The annual Tomoya Ogawa Young Investigator Award is established by Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry to recognize a carbohydrate researcher who is still at his/her early career stage but has already made and showed great promises to continue making great contributions to glycoscience and in the meantime has published significant works in Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry. The Journal has also established the “JCC Best Paper Award” to recognize the best paper published in the journal each year. This award is presented to the first author of the selected paper. Both awards will be selected among the papers published in Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry each year based on the votes of the editorial board members and both awards come with a cash value and a certificate generously contributed by the Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

The winner of the 2017 T. Ogawa Young Investigator Award

The winner of the 2017 T. Ogawa Young Investigator Award is Professor Jianglong Zhu at The University of Toledo, Ohio, USA. T. Ogawa Young Investigator Award is established by the Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry and is given annually to recognize a young principal investigator for the excellent contributions to carbohydrate chemistry.

Prof. Zhu received his B.S. in chemistry in 1998 and M.S. in organic chemistry in 2001 from Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. After obtaining his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 2007 from Boston University under the supervision of Professor John A. Porco, Jr, he worked with Professor Samuel Danishefsky as a postdoctoral fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2010, he joined Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Toledo as an Assistant Professor. Prof. Zhu was promoted to Associate Professor in 2014 and Full Professor in 2017. His current research interests include the development and application of new chemical methodologies to the synthesis of complex, biologically important oligosaccharides, glycoconjugates, and other bioactive natural products.

The winner of the 2017 JCC Best Paper Award

The winner of the 2017 JCC Best Paper Award is given to Dr. Qingjiang Li at the Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, U.S.A., for his outstanding research paper “Pondering the structural factors that affect 1,2-trans-galactosylation: A lesson learnt from 3-O-β-galactosylation of galactosamine” published in the Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 2017, 36, 347. JCC Best Paper Award is established by the Journal to recognize the best paper published in the journal each year.

Dr. Li was born in 1979 and received his B.S. degree in Material Chemistry in 2001 from Lanzhou University, China. He received his M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry in 2006 under the supervision of Professor Min Shi at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China, and his Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry in 2012 supervised by Professor Gregory P. Tochtrop at Case Western Reserve University, U.S.A. He is currently a research scientist at University of Florida, focused on synthesis of complex oligosaccharides and development of carbohydrate-based cancer vaccines.

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