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Tissue Barriers

Tissue Barriers has received a CiteScore of 3.16!

The journal ranks 7/60 in Histology; 92/382 in Biochemistry; and 105/257 in Cell Biology.

As you know, CiteScore was launched at the end of 2016. Much like Clarivate's Impact Factor, the metric is based on citations within a designated window, designed to measure a journal's impact. For more information, read our article here.

Tissue Barriers is the first international cross-disciplinary journal that focuses on the architecture, biological roles and regulation of tissue barriers and intercellular junctions.

If you are working on 

  • Biology and pathobiology of epithelial barriers
  • Functions and dysfunctions of the vascular barrier
  • Structure and regulation of intercellular junctions
  • Signaling by junctional proteins
  • Evolution and development of tissue barriers
  • Leukocyte transmigration through endothelial and epithelial barriers
  • Pathogen interactions with tissue barriers 
  • Tissue barriers and tumor metastasis
  • Drug delivery across the epithelial and endothelial barriers

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Editorial information

  • Editor in Chief: Andrei Ivanov, Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA, US