Journal of Culinary Science & Technology Call for Editor in Chief

Journal of Culinary Science & Technology

Journal of Culinary Science & Technology aims to communicate the vital issues, latest developments, and thinking on the science and technology behind meal planning, preparation, processing, and service for a global consuming public. These issues relate to food management in a variety of settings that include culinary-related operations, food production, food product development, restaurant management and other foodservice ventures.

Job Description

The Editor-in-Chief will demonstrate vision, leadership, and creativity, acting as the main point-of-contact/face for the Journal. The Editor will support and inform the mission of the Journal with Taylor & Francis, and then execute that mission through soliciting, commissioning, reviewing, and developing articles and other features of the highest quality. The Editor will be supported in all of her or his activities by Taylor & Francis, who will in turn coordinate the activities of in-house Editorial, production, marketing, sales, and distribution staff. Editors-in-Chief have a critical role in the Journal’s success and, in partnership with Taylor & Francis, shape its future direction by identifying strategies to enhance its quality and reputation.

The tasks to be undertaken will include, but not be limited, to:

•    Day-to-day manuscript management, including: desk screening of submissions, allocation of submissions to referees, provision of summary advice to authors, and making final decisions.

•    With Taylor & Francis, identifying strategies to enhance the quality and reputation of the Journal, its citation levels, and readership/circulation.

•    Proposing and implementing strategies for increasing the quality and reputation of the Journal.

•    Maintaining a geographical presence for the Editorial board.

•    Acting as an Ambassador for the Journal; building, nurturing, and growing a community.

•    Increasing the awareness of the articles published in the Journal in all relevant communities and amongst colleagues.

•    Encouraging the submission of articles to the Journal from expert researchers in the field, including colleagues.

•    Encouraging ‘rising stars’ to submit to the Journal – new, young talent is essential for a Journal’s health.

•    Suggesting potential contributors, generating ideas for Special Issues and reviews, and commissioning papers as required.

•    Participating at relevant conferences to promote the Journal and encouraging submissions.

•    Setting and implementing Editorial policy.

•    Dedicate time to the Journal and demonstrate a commitment to its future success.

Application process

Applications should comprise a Curriculum Vitae and a Vision Statement, specifically referring to why you believe you are qualified for the role of Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Culinary Science & Technology and how you see your role in the future development and direction of the journal.

You may wish to reflect on:

  • the current strength(s) of Journal of Culinary Science & Technology;
  • your perception of the journal’s mission, and how effectively (or otherwise) it is meeting these aspirations;
  • the strand(s) of research (if any) that the journal currently excels in publishing, and what is it missing out on;
  • emerging lines of research that you envisage becoming more important over the next 3—5 years; and
  • who you see as comprising the community of authors, reviewers, and readers of Journal of Culinary Science & Technology

Applicants should also outline their plans for:

  • the senior Editorial team and Editorial Board;
  • engagement with social media; and
  • meetings and conference travel.

To submit your application, or for further details, please contact Mr. Michael Amato, Managing Editor, Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, at

The closing date for applications is 15 October 2017.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential. Taylor & Francis will judge each application on its own merits, without regard to the race, religion, nationality, sex, seniority, or institutional affiliation of the candidate.