Journal of Building Performance Simulation Special Issue Call for Papers

Building Performance Simulation and the User

Journal of Building Performance Simulation

The Building Performance Simulation (BPS) community has to date been focused mainly on technical and quality assurance aspects related to the use of BPS, relying on commercial companies to ‘deliver’ BPS research and advances to the users in practice. However, the outcomes from this approach do not always respond to or support the way the building industry operates and the way professionals in practice interact with their work. 

Aiming to encourage the BPS community to take a more ‘user centric’ approach to BPS, this special issue attempts to unfold how:

  • BPS might be used in various contexts
  • Different built environment professions might interact with BPS
  • Performance assessment could be or is undertaken by users with different levels of knowledge of building physics and environmental design.

The challenges related to BPS and its users can be approached from various perspectives and disciplines including building engineering and building design, human computer interaction and interaction design, and computer systems development. We wish to acknowledge and explore this wide range of perspectives. As the role of the user of BPS has been insufficiently explored to date, there is a need for conceptual, theoretical and empirical work on this topic, all of which are welcome.

Topics of interest

Contributions are invited in the following areas to be submitted for peer review, although other topics are also welcome:

  • Tasks and goals of BPS users and potential users: what the user needs BPS for and why.
  • Problems with using BPS: non-technical problems or barriers that affect or prevent different practitioners from using BPS more often or at all.
  • Users and BPS quality assurance: the uncertainties users bring to BPS processes and how these could be addressed.
  • Interaction of users with BPS and computer systems: design of the user interface, models of BPS-user interaction, technical developments in computing that facilitate user interaction.
  • Teaching BPS to users: issues related to teaching BPS and supporting a range of users.

Submission Information

Important dates:

  • We are currently accepting submissions for the full paper by the 30th December.

Submissions should be made via the journal's online submission site.

For further information on submissions, please read the journals instructions for authors.

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Important note:

The guest editors will review the abstracts and invite selected authors to develop full papers. They will also perform a preliminary review of manuscripts before they are submitted to the JBPS, this to ensure good alignment with the Special Issue theme and to provide a degree of quality control. Guest editors can provide authors with collegial advice and guidance at this stage. However, it is important for authors to be aware that positive appraisal by the guest editors at this stage does not guarantee subsequent acceptance by the journal as manuscripts are submitted to the journal and undergo the JBPS' standard double-blind review process (handled by journal editors).

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