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Advanced Knowledge Discovery Techniques from Big Data and Cloud Computing

Enterprise Information Systems

Knowledge discovery from Big Data and Cloud Computing is profoundly affecting the global business and world economy, becoming one of the major driving forces for industrial development and better human life. With advances in information systems and Internet technologies, large, complex, and diverse datasets are being generated at an exponential rate, coined as Big Data. Consequently, enterprises from many domains such as healthcare, finance, e-business, transportation, logistics, and telecommunications, are becoming increasingly data-intensive and data driven.

At the same time, to support collection, management, and analyses of the Big Data, Cloud Computing is emerging as a necessary computing platform in which unprecedented amount of computing resources and capacities can be provided over the Internet worldwide. Interaction between Big Data and Cloud Computing has produced a huge impact on society and has accelerated the development of information technology. However, there are still many challenges and needs to be addressed such as in intelligent decision support, business analytics, knowledge discovery, cloud storage, distributed computing, outsourcing computation, and computing security.

The purpose of this special focus issue for Enterprise Information Systems is to publish the most innovative approaches and solutions (through Research and Applications articles), and place them in context of the work that has been previously published (through Reviews) in Big Data and Cloud Computing, with emphasis on the following aspects, but certainly not limited to:

  • Business intelligence and knowledge discovery supported by enterprise systems
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data application and performance evaluation for enterprise systems
  • Future generation enterprise systems from the perspectives of Cloud Computing and Big Data
  • Cloud Computing solutions to enable mining and visualization of Big Data
  • Cloud Computing: security, privacy, and practice
  • High performance computing and parallel processing
  • Big Data for decision support systems and risk management
  • Big Data based human decision-making, learning, and action
  • Applications and best practices in Big Data and Cloud Computing with enterprise systems
  • Data analytics in e-logistics, global e-supply chain management

Submission Instructions

Submit your paper to Enterprise information Systems online at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/teis

When submitting, authors have to indicate the special issue “Big Data and Cloud Computing”.

Please follow the instructions for authors available on EIS web site. According to the journal policy, all submissions are required to go through peer review. Papers that were previously presented at a conference must be substantially extended, with at least a 50% difference from the conference version. Each paper will be assigned three referees for the peer-review process.

If your paper focusses more on business and management, based on referees’ recommendation, an alternative publication outlet is available as Journal of Management Analytics.

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