Engineering, Science, and Technology Call for Papers

Advanced Device Materials Call for Papers: Special Issue on Devices for Biological Materials

As Co-Editor of Advanced Device Materials, I would like to invite you to contribute to an upcoming special issue of the journal featuring papers on Devices for Biological Materials.

I welcome papers covering, but not limited to, the…

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IISE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering Contribute to our special issue on Advanced Sensing, Systems Modeling, and Ergonomics for Smart and Connected Health

The rapid advancement of sensing and communication technologies have provided a rich source of data for a variety of health systems. This copious, health-related data provides an unprecedented opportunity to develop new methods and tools for…

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IISE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors Contribute to our special issue on Ergonomics and Human Factors in Healthcare System Design

How can we better understand and improve the interactions between healthcare staff and delivery systems?

Healthcare systems are a safety-critical work environment. Achieving quality in such systems is dependent on 24-7 performance of…

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Epigenetics Looking for the right journal for your research?

Are you looking to publish your valuable research in a highly cited journal focusing on epigenetics? 

Here are four reasons to submit to Epigenetics:

  • Original research is highly cited, with 40% receiving more than five citations within…

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