Engineering, Science, and Technology Call for Papers

Tissue Barriers Have you seen our CiteScore?

Tissue Barriers has received a CiteScore of 3.16!

The journal ranks 7/60 in Histology; 92/382 in Biochemistry; and 105/257 in Cell Biology.

As you know, CiteScore was launched at the end of 2016. Much like Clarivate's Impact Factor, the…

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European Journal of Engineering Education Special issue: “Educating engineers 2030 ‐ Problem-based learning, social progress and sustainability”

Are you passionate about educating the next generation of engineers?

Do you consider problem-based pedagogies and student-centred learning to be the future of engineering education?

If so, you should contribute to our special issue…

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European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering Invitation for research submissions

Would you like to contribute to the advances in European scientific and technical research within the fields of sustainable construction and environmental engineering?

The European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering specialises…

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