Engineering, Science, and Technology Call for Papers

Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations Contribute to our special issue on Operational Excellence for Humanitarian Missions

Natural and man-made disasters have increased vulnerability for global population. Increased vulnerability calls for quick and effective responses from humanitarian organizations and other stakeholders such as military, local government,…

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Journal of Simulation Special Issue on Model-Based Governance in a Sustainable World: Achieving Effective Impacts through Policy Modelling 2.0

Computer modelling and simulation and are increasingly used to support decision-makers in developing, testing and implementing policies and strategies in real world business domains.

In this context, this special issue will address the…

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Journal of the Operational Research Society Contribute to our special issue on Multi-Disciplinary Scheduling

We are inviting papers, for a special issue of the Journal of the Operational Research Society (JORS) that focusses on Multi-Disciplinary Scheduling. The topic of this special issue will cover all aspects of scheduling and could cover, but…

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Journal for Peace and Nuclear Disarmament Call for Papers

1. Aims 
The nuclear threat will not end as long as nations continue to claim that nuclear weapons are essential for their national security (Nagasaki Peace Declaration, 2017). 

The main mission of the Journal for Peace and Nuclear…

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Knowledge Management Research & Practice Contribute to our special issue on University-Industry Knowledge Transfer: unpacking the “black box”

Nowadays, the greater openness of globalization in access to research data and new forms of funding, such as crowd funding for research, are changing the way institutions foster the knowledge transfer (KT) from universities to society (e. g.…

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