Engineering, Science, and Technology Call for Papers

International Journal of Construction Management Call for papers TJCM

The International Journal of Construction Management publishes quality papers aiming to advance the knowledge of construction management. The Journal is devoted to the publication of original research including, but not limited to the…

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Behaviour & Information Technology Contribute to our special issue on Social Media in Conflicts and Crises

We welcome submissions that looks at:

  • Studies of the use of social media in conflicts and crises including aspects like rumors, fake news, manipulation, cyber deception, information warfare
  • Innovations in design or use of social media…

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Knowledge Management Research & Practice Organizational learning for the common good: an emerging approach to sustainability and resilience

Since Hardin’s (1968) seminal article, theoretical reflections and empirical investigations on the commons’ governance and management have played a pivotal role in sustainability literature. Political scientists such as Elinor Ostrom (who…

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Systems Science & Control Engineering: An Open Access Journal Special Issue on New Advances on Industrial Control

Researchers are in the pursuit of emerging technologies that enable control systems to meet the evolving requirements (e.g., factory automation, fault diagnosis, fuel consumption monitoring, surveillance, etc.) in industries. With the rapid…

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Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications Contribute to our special issue on Remote Monitoring Systems

Electromagnetics-based research essentially encapsulates phenomenal topics that include investigations in respect of the evolution, transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves. Remote sensing has been one of the key areas of research…

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