Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy Call for special issue contributions

International and comparative studies on education policy

Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy

Special issue editors: Petteri Hansen, Jaakko Kauko & Sonja Kosunen

We invite contributions to a special issue of the Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy – NordSTEP. NordSTEP is an open access peer-reviewed academic journal published by the University College of Gävle in collaboration with Uppsala University and the University College of Southeast Norway and Taylor & Francis Group. NordSTEP aims to add a Nordic perspective to the international education research landscape. This means that it is not limited to Nordic studies, but is open to international studies that relate to, elaborate on or are of interest to the Nordic education space.

Over the past 20 years, governing regimes in education have become more and more dependent on the production of comparative knowledge. The increased use of international assessments and management by best practices requires critical reflection that draws on contextual knowledge of socio-historical differences, system boundaries and power relations between different policy fields and actors.

This special issue aims to highlight the comparative and international perspectives on educational policy and practice in the Nordic region and other parts of the world. We are interested in a wide range of comparative research covering different levels of education (e.g. early childhood, comprehensive, vocational, secondary, higher and adult education), different policy dimensions (e.g. local, urban, regional, national, international and transnational) as well as comparisons across time. Besides comparing different contexts, articles may also focus on methodological questions related to comparisons between groups, cultures and systems. Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcomed.

Contributions should be written in English, and they should not exceed 7000 words (excl. references). APA referencing conventions should be followed. Manuscripts will undergo peer review and will be published if approved by the reviewers and accepted by the editorial board.

Important dates:

  • Deadline for manuscript submission: 9 February, 2018
  • Comments from the editors and reviewers: 15 May, 2018
  • Deadline for the final version: 20 August, 2018
  • Expected publication of the special issue edition: November 2018

How to submit your contribution:

  • NordSTEP is an open access E-journal with online submission at
  • When entering the NordSTEP webpage, select Submit an article. There you will find the necessary information in order to prepare your submission, you can also see instructions for authors
  • If necessary, use the Help function on the submission page to assist you through the submission process
  • If you experience technical problems during the submission process, please contact NordSTEP executive editor Tine S Prøitz,
  • For specific content queries concerning this special issue, please contact special issue editor Petteri Hansen,