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Social Engagement

Studies in Art Education

The Senior Editor of Studies in Art Education invites manuscripts that address this topic: Social Engagement.

In the last 20 years, universities have allocated resources and established new initiatives to promote civic responsibility and positive change as forms of scholarship and community collaboration. Framed as engaged scholarship, these initiatives seek to position academic educational experiences in collaboration with local and global communities to foster democratic forms of research, teaching, and service. As an educational project, engaged scholarship seeks to promote civic responsibility. Social engagement in art education might include programming and initiatives known as outreach, service learning, or community-based education. These and other approaches might engage learners in responding to social issues through contemporary art practice. Art theorists, art museum educators, and artists such as Claire Bishop, Grant Kester, Pablo Helguera, and Nicolas Lampert, have drawn attention to a range of contemporary art practices such as socially engaged art, social practice, and art at the pedagogical turn, which do not uniformly embrace the same ideologies or methodologies. These modes of contemporary art practice blur boundaries among conceptual art, performance art, social action, and education. These approaches to art practice and art education afford possibilities for interdisciplinary and collaborative responses as explorations of contemporary social issues through research, pedagogy, and practice. While social engagement is often theorized within a framework of social justice, its relationship to social practice is emergent, complex, and dependent on the particulars of specific issues, communities, and participants.

 Authors may want to consider some of the following questions as they draft submissions:

  • What does social engagement mean for art education? What does art education mean for social engagement? What new initiatives in arts education emerge in response to increased attention to social engagement? 
  • Where and how does social engagement overlap with other social discourses like social justice, humanitarian entrepreneurship, social media, social practice, or socially engaged art?
  • How does social practice move artmaking beyond advocacy and awareness of civic responsibility in favor of activism and action?
  • What does social engagement mean for community-based or art museum education?
  • How do art-based approaches to social engagement inform research methodologies in art education? How have social engagement initiatives informed art education practice? 
  • What is the role of social engagement within preservice art education and professional development?  What is the role of the social art practice within K12 and college programs?
  • How are art education curricula, policies, and practices reimagined in response to social engagement initiatives? How are research methodologies in art education taught, learned, practiced, or reimagined in response to social engagement?
  • In what ways does social engagement through art overlap and inform other educational spaces such as arts entrepreneurship, design education, STEAM, and online learning?
  • How is social change theorized, valued, or reimagined through arts-based social engagement?

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Submissions due September 4, 2018

This issue will focus on relationships among social practice, social justice, and social engagement. All submissions for this special issue should follow the established submission guidelines for the journal.