Kappa Delta Pi Record Call for Manuscripts

Comparative Practices in Democratic Citizenship

Kappa Delta Pi Record

The Kappa Delta Pi Record is seeking original manuscripts from teams of educators from the Pre-K through university levels on education practices aimed at developing democratic citizenship in a globalized world. Manuscripts should strive to present ideas that transcend national boundaries, cultures, and contexts to inform classroom instruction or school leadership. Preference will be given to comparative writings from author teams comprised of educators from two oSr more countries. Manuscripts can be submitted in one of these categories:

In My View professional commentaries (1,200–1,800 words)
Curriculum Connections (1,200–1,800 words)
Feature articles (2,500–3,500 words)

All submissions must be based on research and applicable to Pre-K to 12 settings. Feature articles should focus on practical application of ideas in classrooms. Authors are strongly encouraged to read the Record’s submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be made here. Please use code 561 at the beginning of your manuscript title.

For more information, please contact the Academic Editor, Christopher Tienken.

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