Journal of Dance Education Call for Papers for a Forthcoming Special Issue

Dance Education and Responsible Citizenship

Journal of Dance Education

Studying dance requires students to develop a clear sense of self-responsibility and group responsibility; to contribute to building communities as they learn; to understand how dance and dance education react to shifting social, political, and cultural norms; and to cultivate a sense of informed inquiry and action. These capacities are essential to dance learning and the success of dance professionals while also related to the aptitudes of responsible citizenship. Foregrounding the development of responsible citizens through dance education can provide ways to increase students’ comfort in participating in democratic processes and civically engaging in their communities, thereby situating dance artists, dance educators, and dance professionals as change makers inside and outside of the dance studio.

Key questions addressed by the Special Issue include:

  • How does cultivating a civic understanding help students develop a comprehensive awareness of dance and ways of interacting with their communities?
  • What impact does the incorporation of social justice issues have on dance education practices and curricula?
  • How are dance programs incorporating responsible citizenship into the training of dance educators, artists, and professionals?
  • How can prioritizing responsible citizenship in relationship to dance and dance education better prepare students for their futures inside and outside of dance?
  • What responsibilities do dance education and dance educators have as agents of change inside the classroom and in their communities?

Areas to consider may include, but are not limited to:

  • How teaching dance can be framed in relationship to responsible citizenship
  • Ways of connecting diverse communities through responsible citizenship experiences
  • Inclusion of underrepresented populations in dance education
  • Ways that the incorporation of contextual dance knowledge can promote responsible citizenship
  • How the incorporation of responsible citizenship raises questions about equity and privilege
  • How the inclusion of responsible citizenship aligns with national, state, and distinct standards
  • The relationship of responsible citizenship to intersectionality and inclusivity
  • The utilization of media and technology or interdisciplinary approaches
  • The roles of dance artists and dance educators as agents of change in society
  • The relevance of responsible citizenship to dance education

Manuscripts that specifically address the implications of these ideas for the PK-12 Dance Education Sector are encouraged.

Submission Instructions

The journal receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts portal located at:

Only finished articles will be considered. Articles may be one of two types: 1) Shorter articles: In Practice (1,500-3,000 words), or 2) Longer articles: Feature Articles (4,000-6,000 words). Please indicate that the manuscript is for the Responsible Citizenship Special Issue when submitting to ScholarOne, and contact Karen Schupp ( with questions.