International Journal of Inclusive Education Call for Papers

Special Issue on Inclusive Education and Refugees

International Journal of Inclusive Education
The Editor of the International Journal of Inclusive Education in collaboration with the Guest Editors are seeking manuscripts for a special issue, to be titled “Inclusive Education and Refugees”
The final sentence of Hannah Arendt’s 1943 essay, We Refugees, reads: ‘The comity of European peoples went to pieces when, and because, it allowed its weakest member to be excluded and persecuted’. Almost 75 years on, we are once again facing forced migration on a massive scale. What is the role of education in ensuring that the people of Europe and beyond do not allow their shared, higher ideals to fall to pieces? The significance of this question in relation to inclusive schooling is starkly illustrated by the organisation, Save the Children (2016), which reports that 50% of the world’s primary school-aged refugee children and 75% of secondary school-aged are not included in the education system.
This special issue of the International Journal of Inclusive Education addresses the role of education in countering such exclusion. Ultimately it will allow for the sharing of research, evidence, ideas and accounts of good practice. We also invite articles that advance substantive theoretical understandings, cross-disciplinary insights and dialogue.
Contributors to this special issue might consider critical examination of some of these questions:
  • How do we secure an inclusive education for all children?
  • How do we educate ourselves so that we might provide effective and inclusive educational environments for children uprooted from their homes?
  • What geographical, political and environmental factors, including climate change, cause exclusion, and militate against inclusion, for children seeking refuge?
  • How might educators counter negative representations of and views about refugees in relation to inclusion in education?

Download a PDF of the call for papers here.

Submission Instructions

Please submit abstracts by email to
Wayne Veck:
Fabio Dovigo:
Michelle Proyer:
by October 31st 2017.
Responses to submitted abstracts will be sent by November 30th 2017. Full article submissions from invited papers will be due March 31st 2018. Papers invited for the special issue will undergo double blind-review in accordance with the usual procedures of IJIE.