International Studies in Sociology of Education Special Issue Call for Papers

Migration, Borders, and Education: International Sociological Inquiries

International Studies in Sociology of Education

We live in a time of intensive migration and movement of people, goods and capital across borders globally and transnationally. We also live in a time in which the predominance of the nation state – with governable borders – has increasing political attention and traction. This is perhaps most significantly highlighted in the contemporary refugee crisis which has seen people amass in camps along nation state borders and others forcibly detained in refugee detention centres.

Amidst what has been termed as ‘super-diversity’, ‘cosmopolitanism’, and ‘global citizenship’, there is the rise of far-right, protectionist, and racist politics, and the buttressing of notions of national identity. These political, social, cultural and material ‘border’ dynamics are brought to life in the everyday – epistemologically and ontologically: in the meanings of what constitutes a national culture; in the lived experiences of the growing ‘paperless’ and effectively stateless population; in the constitution of indigenous rights; in the ‘imagined communities’ cultivated through the enduring logics of colonialism; in the politics of fear and ‘othering’.

These dynamics of migration and bordering have very real repercussions for education. They indicate the need for research attention on the diverse experiences of education in contexts of migration and nationalism, on the ways in which educational practices and institutions include and exclude, and on how education creates and/or challenges bordered identities, meanings, cultures, and imagined communities.

We welcome articles that examine, through sociological inquiry, issues of migration, borders and education. Papers can address any national or transnational context, and can be empirical and/or theoretical in approach.

The Special Issue will represent new leading international work on migration and borders in the field of sociology of education. 

Instructions for Submissions

Authors are invited to discuss proposed papers with the editors. Please submit a 250 word abstract by 30 November 2016 to:
Dr Jessica Gerrard, University of Melbourne, ; or
Dr Arathi Sriprakash, University of Cambridge, 

Full manuscripts should be submitted via ISSE’s online submission system by 30 May 2017.

See the ISSE website for information about preparing and submitting manuscripts.