International Journal of Inclusive Education Call for Papers for a Special Issue on 'The Salamanca Statement: 25 Years On'

Mel Ainscow & Roger Slee – Editors

International Journal of Inclusive Education

Proposals are invited for papers to be published in a special edition of the International Journal of Inclusive Education that will focus on progress made since the publication by UNESCO of the Salamanca Statement on Special Needs Education in 1994.  Arguably the most important international document in the field of special needs and inclusive education, it provides a framework for thinking about how to move policy and practice forward in relation to inclusive education.

The Statement argues that regular schools with an inclusive orientation are ‘the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, building an inclusive society and achieving education for all’.  Furthermore, it suggests that such schools can ‘provide an effective education for the majority of children and improve the efficiency and ultimately the cost-effectiveness of the entire education system’.

The last twenty-five years have seen considerable efforts in many countries to take this challenging agenda forward. More recently, these efforts have been further encouraged by the Education 2030 agenda, adopted by 184 UNESCO Member States, which calls upon education systems ‘to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’.

With these global developments as the overall focus, this special edition will include papers that provide:

  • Analyses of the conceptual basis of the Salamanca Statement and subsequent global developments;
  • Critical commentaries on related developments in particular parts of the world; and
  • Accounts of empirical studies that relate to the implementation of the Salamanca thinking.

The intention is to have contributions that reflect developments in all regions of the world. The papers must fulfil all of the established requirements of the journal and will be subject to the usual process of independent review. 

Instructions for Submissions

For complete details on submitting, visit the 'Instructions for Authors' page here.  

Please send the title and an abstract for your proposed paper to Mel Ainscow & Roger Slee at by October 26th, 2018.