Journal of Educational Administration and History Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Private Partners and Profits in Public Schools: New Challenges

Journal of Educational Administration and History

In the past two decades, the decline in public resources for schools around the world has been offset by a growth in private sources of funding and new roles for private actors and organizations. These trends have received some favorable responses from public school communities because they often yield much-needed financial and/or human resources for cash-strapped public schools. Nonetheless, these forms of education privatization has been critiqued for worsening disparities between school communities of different levels of wealth, and for creating financial conditions that are insecure because of the irregular contributions of private donors. Other concerns have been raised about private business ethos and practices entering into the public education system because they alter how public schools are conceived, perceived, experienced, and managed. Such concerns have been expressed in the growing field of scholarship on the privatization of education. The purpose of this Call for Papers is to elicit manuscripts for a special issue of the Journal of Education Administration and History that will contribute to the scholarship of education privatization by providing localized analyses that can deepen the field’s understanding of this global phenomenon.

In particular, we seek research articles that use interdisciplinary conceptual and methodological approaches to better understand the political, economic, social, spatial, and/or  discursive processes underpinning the expansion of private resources in public education and how these processes are altering public schools in different local and national contexts. We seek papers that can offer deep analyses of values, ideologies, discourses, politics, social and racial structures, biases, and geographies that underpin and explain the growing gaps that are generated by private money, resources, and partners (including parents) in public schools. We seek articles that provide critical questions, assessments, and discussions of the influence of private actors and partners in public schools at various scales. Potential topics include expanding private resources in the areas of fundraising, public-private partnerships (PPPs), donations, and philanthropy as well as how these resources are operated and managed by parents and business partners.

In addition to offering novel analyses of how education privatization is facilitated and enacted by new and familiar private agents, this special issue aims to identify responses that may lead to more equitable distribution of resources. To help achieve this goal and to facilitate cross-national and multi-sector conversations about causes and consequences of privatization of education, each article accepted for publication will be followed by a response from an educational leader or scholar who resides in a country different from the one examined by the article’s author/s.

Instructions for Submissions

We invite interested authors to submit a single-spaced, one-page abstract describing how their proposed article fits with the special issue call by September 15, 2018. Only those whose abstracts are selected will be invited to submit a full manuscript. We will send out our decisions made regarding submitted abstracts by October 15, 2018. The invited manuscripts will undergo the journal’s established peer-review process, and only those who are accepted by blind reviewers will be published.

Please send your abstract to us by email: Ee-Seul Yoon ( and Sue Winton ( If you have any questions regarding the Special Issue, please send us an email.

Special Issue Anticipated Timeline:

February 15, 2019      First draft due
                                      (between 3000 and 6000 words, inclusive of references, footnotes, endnotes) 
                                      Manuscripts sent out for review (two to three blind reviews)
May 15, 2019              Editorial decisions finalized (Accept/Reject/Revise & Resubmit)
August 15, 2019         Revised (final) draft due
Fall 2019                      Special issue published

About the Guest Editors:

Ee-Seul Yoon is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Administration, Foundations, and Psychology at the University of Manitoba. Her primary research area includes school choice dilemmas and educational inequity in an era of education marketization and neoliberalization. In 2017, she guest-edited a special issue of Educational Policy Analysis and Archives, entitled “School Diversification and Dilemmas across Canada in an Era of Education Marketization and Neoliberalization” (with Christopher Lubienski). Her recent work can be found in journals including Educational Researcher, Journal of Educational Policy, British Journal of Sociology of Education, and Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, among others.

Sue Winton is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Her research examines policy advocacy, influences, and enactment.  Her previous studies include: critical analyses of school fundraising, safe schools, bullying, and character education policies; examination of the emergence and activities of advocacy groups in education; and an investigation of the meanings and enactment of school success and successful school leadership in Ontario schools.

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