Journal of Beliefs & Values: Studies in Religion & Education Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Critical Issues and Research in Religious Literacy

Journal of Beliefs & Values

Religious Education in schools evokes mixed memories - and feelings - for most in those countries where it exists. Where it does not, it can be mystifying that schools might have anything to do with religion or belief. Yet migration and globalisation mean daily encounter with increasing diversity, whatever our own religion, belief or none. How we teach, and learn, about religion is a critical part of how we respond religion, often framing our capability to do so.

This special issue focuses upon how we teach and learn about religion and belief across sectors of society – in schools, universities, professional training, workplace learning, and informal, community and citizen settings, as well as a range of international perspectives –  through the lens of religious literacy. Papers are particularly invited which engage with any of the following domains and themes: 

  • school RE
  • religion and belief in Higher Education
  • engaging with religion and belief identity in the public professions: social work, nursing, counselling, medicine, policing, prison service, armed forces, civil service and others
  • citizenship and lifelong learning about religion and belief
  • communities of learning about religion and belief
  • comparative - especially international - approaches
  • methodological issues and historical perspectives in religious literacy
  • pedagogies of religious literacy
  • definitions and measures of religious literacy

Submission Guidelines

Papers should be submitted according to the journal style guide and will be peer-reviewed according to the journal’s policy.  Further instructions for submitting can be found here.

Please submit via the Editorial Manager online submission system, indicating that you wish your submission to be considered for this special issue.

Deadline for submission: 28th February, 2019.
Publication early in 2019.

Editorial information

  • Guest Editor: Adam Dinham, Goldsmiths University, London