International Journal of Early Years Education Love, Care and Intimacy in Early Childhood Education and Care

Special Issue - Call for Papers

International Journal of Early Years Education

Guest Editor: Dr Jools Page

Research into the complex issues of Love, Care and Intimacy is gaining traction in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care. Contemporary international scholars are theorising the place of love within early years’ research, policy and practice particularly against the backdrop of increased staff and parent anxiety about the appropriateness of close, intimate attachment relationships between adults and young children.

This Special Issue provides an opportune forum for international researchers and practitioners to report on research and debate notions of love within the field of early childhood education and care. The aim of the special issue will be to provide a set of papers which theorise, evaluate and extend international community understanding of the complex and cultural perspectives of how loving relationships between adults and young children are enacted in early childhood provision.   

Submission Instructions

If you would like to submit to this Special Issue, please forward a 300-word abstract as indicated below to Dr Jools Page by 31 May 2017, outlining the aim of the study that will be the focus of your paper, its selected methodology, and a brief overview of findings and their implications for the field. 

Key Dates:

Submission of 300 word abstracts by e-mail to Dr Jools Page: 31 May 2017
First full paper drafts due for review via ScholarOne: 31 October 2017
Final papers due via ScholarOne: 22 March 2018
Online publication date: 19 April 2018
Print copy publication date: 25 April 2018

Don't hesitate to contact Dr Jools Page for further information and please extend this call for papers to others in the field.