British Journal of Sociology of Education Call for Papers for a Forthcoming Special Issue

Pedagogies of Ruin: Social Movements and Neoliberalisation in Latin American and Caribbean Education

British Journal of Sociology of Education

Before Thatcherism and Reganomics, Milton Friedman’s 1950s school choice essay and 1975 visit to dictatorial Chile imbued free market logic into Latin American and Caribbean education.  At the same time, education across the Continent has witnessed a boom in social movements. Teacher unions organising to safeguard publicly funded pensions, students defending quality public education and parents fighting for the memory of disappeared children have emerged as political and pedagogical agents. Neoliberalisation meeting social mobilisation is the focus of this special issue.   

Particularly, the issue explores modes of social and political life where pedagogical practices, neoliberalisation and social movement collide and flourish in Latin America and the Caribbean. With curriculum and instruction research often referring to neoliberalism as all-negating, the actual political and cultural work of teachers can go undervalued.  Research on political economy and policy of education also tends to avoid low flying approaches needed for readers to apprehend how actually-existing neoliberalisms, and corresponding strategies of confrontation, flourish. This special issue confronts the linkages and interstices of pedagogy, neoliberalisation and social movement in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This special issue seeks submissions that render education, market forces and political action into situated frameworks. Actually-existing neoliberalisms, a recent turn in social sciences that gazes into free-market forces as place-based and practiced rather than uniform and reified, maintains that with ruin comes restoration. Successful submissions grapple with the ruin and restoration of Latin American and Caribbean, education-based social movements and pedagogies, including:

  • Teacher mobilisation through collapse, contamination and rubble
  • Eco-pedagogies linking schooling with resistance against industrial agriculture
  • New socio-political alliances and creative contagion with other movements
  • Pedagogies of grief and memory
  • Cultural politics, including strategic essentialism and counter-conducts
  • Classroom and street-level critical and public pedagogies
  • Performances in spaces where devolution, self-responsibilisation and austerity hold sway
  • The reinscribing of policies, textbooks and incorporated media reports

Submission Instructions

The call for papers is now open, final deadline for online submission of papers 31 January 2018.

Please advise Stephen Sadlier of your intention to submit at Abstracts or preliminary versions of papers can also be submitted for informal comment to Stephen Sadlier until 1st October 2017.

Visit the journal's Instructions for Authors page for full details on submitting.

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