Journal of Teaching in International Business Call for Submissions

Journal of Teaching in International Business

The Journal of Teaching in International Business is currently seeking manuscripts for publication in the journal. Article submissions should be original, significant, and provide fresh insights. They will focus on the application of empirical research methods to problems faced by academic and practitioner educators in international business as well as by designers and implementers of international business programs and curricula.

The goals of JTIB are to serve the global community of its customers (all teachers of international business including academics and business people) by providing the value-added material that advances international business practice and education. The JTIB will publish high quality, blind refereed and invited papers, selected clinical studies, and comments that challenge accepted dogma, theory, or practice, or otherwise provide fresh insights for the teaching and practice of international business. This means that we continue to be interested in manuscripts that stress important issues in IB education, particularly manuscripts that address issues of curricular and program design. JTIB prefers manuscripts that use empirical and scientific methodology in evaluating the results of innovations in teaching IB. Papers that improve the practical application of IB theory with better communication and clinical and empirical papers that present clear evidence challenging accepted IB theory and conceptual frameworks will also be another major focus at JTIB. Papers that survey business practice in IB communication or papers that provide insights based on reviews of the literature in a particular area of IB are also encouraged.

The JTIB very much appreciates those of you who are planning to send in your manuscripts for possible publication and especially those who are willing to provide generous assistance in reviewing papers. Please contact the editor at if you are available to review papers or if you would like to recommend a colleague as a potential reviewer.

Submission Instructions

The Journal of Teaching in International Business receives all manuscript submissions electronically via its ScholarOne Manuscripts site located at:

For more information on submitting to the journal, visit and click on the “Authors and Submissions” tab. If you have any other requests, please contact Raj Aggarwal, Editor, at:

Editorial information

  • Editor: Raj Aggarwal, University of Akron