Childhood Education Call for Papers

Childhood Education

Childhood Education, the award-winning, bimonthly journal of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI),focuses on the learning and well-being of children and youth around the world. Each issue includes articles highlighting various perspectives on innovative classroom practices from around the world; cutting-edge concepts for education delivery; innovative schooling models; child growth and development theory; timely and vital issues affecting education, children, and their families; and research reviews. The journal’s editorial intent is to include a wide distribution of articles from varied countries, and from advocacy- and policy-oriented organizations as well as academic institutions. Articles are peer-reviewed.

Manuscript Topics
We are seeking articles from around the world on timely topics of interest that stimulate thinking, rather than advocate fixed practice. 

Authors should:
• Address education and child well-being issues of global relevance, or indicate how the topic under discussion can be relevant to communities around the world
• Discuss connections to early childhood theories and concepts, along with recommended practices
• Include innovative research-to-practice teaching strategies
• Explore effective methods in primary (elementary) school teaching practices
• Provide relevant examples and author vignettes
• Describe how culture, ethnicity, and/or social, political, and economic conditions affect the issues.

Our readers work with, or on behalf of, young children from birth through age 13. They include child care providers, teachers, administrators, university-level teacher educators, education students, policymakers, advocates. Our readers are interested in practices and policies that advance education and support child well-being from around the world.

Types of Articles
Because the readers of Childhood Education have diverse backgrounds and interests, article style may vary somewhat. Although considered an academic journal, Childhood Education articles must offer practical applications and appeal to a wide breadth of readers. Authors should consider issues of readability, avoiding overuse of citations and using them only when appropriate. We do not seek term papers or summaries of dissertations.

Submission Procedures

Childhood Education receives all manuscript submissions electronically via the ScholarOne Manuscripts website located at: ScholarOne Manuscripts technical support can be accessed via A guide for authors along with other relevant information can be found on the journal’s homepage.

If you have any other requests, please contact Anne Bauer, the journal’s editor, at

To submit a review of research, please contact: Christine Wang at