Studies in the Education of Adults Call for Papers

Studies in the Education of Adults

Studies in the Education of Adults is an international journal for theorising and critically examining the education of adults in all contexts. The journal seeks to foster and stimulate a global community of academics and researchers with a broad interest in research in the education of adults. It is equally focused on adult learning, the nature of adult curriculum and on the role of the educator. Adult learning may occur in institutional, professional and community settings including colleges, universities, the workplace, trade unions and voluntary organisations. Adult learning may also occur in a wide variety of contexts such as the home, public spaces, through leisure activities, social movements and virtual media. We encourage submissions that examine learning in these various contexts. The Editorial Board is also keen to promote the role of adult learning and education in social justice.

We encourage writers from a broad range of ideological interests, theoretical positions and research traditions and we especially welcome multidisciplinary research. We will promote the thematic exploration of specific areas as well as the exploration of new territories for adult education. We invite readers with an interest in developing a themed issue to submit outline proposals for consideration to the editors.

Studies in the Education of Adults selects papers for publication that:

      •   Provide a clear theoretical rationale for the work discussed; 
      •   Demonstrate familiarity with adult education literature and research; 
      •   Engage in policy critique where appropriate; 
      •   Concentrate on analysis, as opposed to purely descriptive accounts; 
      •   Contextualise the writing so that it is understandable by an international readership; 
      •   Use an accessible styling of writing, concentrating on clarity and avoiding unexplained jargon; 
      •    Recognise the professional and academic experience of the journal’s readership. 

Submission Guidelines

You can submit your paper directly to; or

For more information on how to submit your paper, click here. All submitted manuscripts are subject to initial appraisal by the Editors and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.  

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