European Journal of Teacher Education ATEE Awards 2017 - Young Teacher Education Researcher’s Project

Sponsored by Routledge

European Journal of Teacher Education

Targeted to young researchers (PhD students or PhD holders for less than three years by the submission deadline) involved in Teacher Education research projects in college or university, public or private schools, or other educational agencies, this award, sponsored by Routledge, aims to recognize and encourage young researchers that engage into research in teacher education, to disseminate their research results on a European and international level, as well as to foster and reward investigation that adds to existing scholarship in the thematic fields of  ATEE Research and Development Communities.

The successful project will be awarded 900 EUR, provided by the sponsor Routledge. It is suggested that this award should be used to promote research. This money should preferably be used to promote research on the project related issues or for final results publication.

The ATEE Treasury will inform the winner/s of the refund policy.

Submission requirements

To be accepted for this award bid, projects must obey to the following set of conditions:

  • involve systematic enquiry of an empirical or analytic nature;
  • deal with a European or international perspective of Teacher Education;
  • be on-going research projects, supported, or not, by a funding agency;
  • have not been submitted to a previous ATEE awards bid;
  • be a single author project (either a PhD project or another research project);
  • be written in English, French, or German;
  • be between 4000 and 6000 words;
  • be accompanied by an (extra) English 1000 words abstract if they are written in French or German;
  • contain the following information about the on-going research project: Project description (maximum 3000 words) including: Research aims, Potential audiences, Relevance of the Project, Context of the research, Theoretical framework and Literature review; Research methodology, including research paradigm and research tasks to be performed; Expected outcomes; and Duration of the Project (maximum). For each task, objective(s), sample, research techniques, namely data collection instruments, and procedures for data collection and data analysis should be presented. Tasks already carried out and results obtained so far (maximum 2000 words). Project intermediate critical assessment (maximum 1000 words).
  • Statement by the PhD programme director showing that the applicant is a PhD student or copy of the PhD certificate (PhD awarded maximum three years earlier).
  • Follow the guidelines for EJTE.


The award is open to doctoral students or PhD graduates that were awarded the PhD degree for a maximum of three years, that:

  • are ATEE individual members (with an up to date membership fee)
  • are staff from an ATEE institutional member (with an up to date membership fee)
  • registered as participants for the 2017 ATEE Annual Conference
  • were participants in at least one of the 2014-2016 ATEE conferences.

Each young researcher is allowed to present only one submission for this award.

Winner announcement

The winner of the award will be revealed at the 2017 ATEE annual conference and the awarded article will also be announced on the ATEE's website.

Instructions for Submissions

Submissions format and deadline

All entries must be submitted as an anonymous Word document project (without author’s, institution’s and country’s names), organized according to the EJTE guidelines (when applicable), and including a cover sheet with author’s name, title, institution, mailing address, phone number and email of the author and title of the research project.

The deadline for the presentation of applications is 30th June 2017 (midnight, Brussels time).

All entries must be submitted as an e-mail attachment, to be sent to ATEE Secretariat:

Submissions evaluation

Projects submitted and that follow the submission criteria will be evaluated by the ATEE Awards Scientific Committee.

The assessment criteria are the following:

  • Relevance and contribution to the profession. The proposal should: i) be directly related to a topic of interest for educational research in Teacher Education; ii) be relevant in the European or international perspective. iii) have a direct impact on practice, policy and/or debate on Teacher Education.
  • Innovation. The research should: i) focus on an innovative issue; ii) adopt an innovative methodological approach; iii) further expand research in Teacher Education.
  • Research quality. The analysis of the quality of the research will concentrate on: i) research question/s; ii) theoretical framework; iii) research methods; iv) data analysis and discussion; v) conclusions and implications for teacher education; vi) social relevance of the project; vii) internal consistency of the project.
  • Writing quality. The project should be: i) written in a correct English, French or German; ii) understandable by an international audience; iii) follow the rules of academic writing;

The award will not be granted if no submission is of high enough quality to fully fulfil the criteria set for the award. 


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