Education Calls for Papers

Educational Philosophy and Theory: Incorporating ACCESS Welcoming submissions for an upcoming special issue

Moral and/or values education is a controversial topic in contemporary society because there is little consensus about what should be taught, how it should be taught, when it should be taught, who should teach it, or if it should be taught…

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Gender and Education Call for Papers for a Special Issue

Special Issue Guest Editors: Emily F. Henderson & James Burford

Conferences are an important but neglected research area. While they are a ubiquitous feature of academic work and represent a billion-dollar global industry, conferences…

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School Leadership & Management Welcoming proposals for an upcoming special issue

In the Editorial for Volume 37(3), Harris and Jones (2017) stated that “Middle leaders matter”, and made a strong argument for the importance for educational middle leadership. This special issue is a response to that impassioned and timely…

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