Education Calls for Papers

The Educational Forum Special Issue on Educator Activism in Politically Polarized Times

What is the impact of political polarization on curricula, pedagogy, funding, and other imposed policies across the educational landscape? How are P-16+ educators and school leaders responding to politically motivated intellectual and policy…

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Gender and Education We invite you to submit your work

Critical scholars across a variety of disciplines and geographic areas express the need to engage in intellectual projects that shift the dominant epistemic perspectives and methodologies used in traditional research (Abu-Lughud 1991;…

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Educational Review Call for Papers for a Special Issue

Thirty years on from the UK Education Reform Act (1988), this special issue of Educational Review will focus on the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM).

The Global Education Reform Movement (GERM)

Pasi Sahlberg’s (2011)…

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Sport, Education and Society Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Edition Guest Editors:  Annette Stride, Anne Flintoff, Hayley Fitzgerald, Scarlett Drury and Ruth Brazier

Sport, Education and Society (SES) is a leading international journal dedicated to the advance of sociological understandings…

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