Education Calls for Papers

Teaching in Higher Education Call for Papers for Special Issue

In their seminal works of the early 1990s, both Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens predicted that one manifestation of late modernity would be a popular suspicion of experts and expertise.  Since then, the rise of the individual’s ability to…

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Cognition and Instruction Proposals are invited for papers for a special issue

Guest editors: Katie Headrick Taylor, Ananda Marin, & Rogers Hall

This special issue will present current research and inspire new work within an emerging genre of learning and teaching called “learning on-the-move”. The collection of…

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International Studies in Sociology of Education Introducing a new section

‘Research in Translation’ is a dedicated section of International Studies in Sociology of Education.

It presents theories, debates, and research in the international field of sociology of education which have been produced in languages…

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Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management Call for Abstracts for a 2018 Special Issue

This special issue of the JHEPM, will focus on the international engagement of higher education institutions, particularly universities, during a period of global uncertainty. The issue seeks to explore the agency that institutions and the…

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Journal of Dance Education Call for Papers for a Forthcoming Special Issue

Studying dance requires students to develop a clear sense of self-responsibility and group responsibility; to contribute to building communities as they learn; to understand how dance and dance education react to shifting social, political,…

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