Developing and Implementing an Automatic System for Extracting Value-Added Information from Open Source (OS) Satellite Data European Journal of Remote Sensing: an Open Access journal

Call for Proofs of Concept

AIT Annual Award 2018/19: Developing and Implementing an Automatic System for Extracting Value-Added Information from Open Source (OS) Satellite Data

The Associazione Italiana di Telerilevamento (AIT) welcomes proof of concept (PoC) pilot projects that demonstrate the capabilities of automatic procedures for extracting valuable information from OS satellite data. These pilots should help determine whether the software/procedure is appropriate for use by concerned users and how easily it can be configured, providing hands-on experience for practitioners, IT personnel, and users. Submitted PoCs should apply the principles and “best practices” of geomatics-related project management to a demonstration for feature extraction, whose purpose is to assess whether the solution should be deployed to the general public and other concerned companies/agencies.

Submitted PoC proposals should provide a detailed discussion of each of the following phases:

  • Title and acronym
  • Purpose, goals, and objectives of the pilot
  • State-of-the-art and possible improvements
  • Description of the data and metadata used in the application
  • System architecture
  • Description of the data-processing phase
  • Proposed deliverables (products/services)
  • Test site/s prototyping

A successful PoC should incorporate the following considerations:

  • Define and document all key applications of the system
  • Establish clear-cut performance objectives and evaluation criteria
  • Perform detailed data and metadata analysis
  • Review existing data access mechanisms
  • Develop data requirements from required outputs and from source ones
  • Consider security concerns and access permissions/restrictions
  • Perform prototype work sessions with package before customizing
  • Finalize system design
  • Complete possible conversion specifications and procedures
  • Complete preliminary user documentation
  • Develop quality acceptance methodology for conversion data
  • Develop work package for critical implementation tasks
  • Perform risk analysis
  • Build sufficient time into schedule to fully test the system
  • Test everything

In addition, PoCs should outline the benefits of the pilots (and the risks of not conducting one), as well as defining the scope and duration of the pilots.

The deadline for the submission of PoCs is 30 March 2019. PoCs should be sent to Prof. Piero Boccardo, AIT President -

The AIT will form an Awarding Commission to select the winner(s). The list of winners and results of their pilots will be announced in April 2019. Awardees will share a prize fund of 500 EUR.