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Special Issue: Commercialisation

Small Enterprise Research

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Commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product or production method into commerce—making it available on the market. Successful commercialisation distinguishes innovation from invention through the delivery of customer value. The role and capacity of small enterprises to commercialise innovations and serve as agents of economic growth is observed in many national and international policy considerations, however, to date empirical research on the commercialisation processes and strategies in small enterprises has been relatively limited. This Special Issue intends to address this research gap. It focuses on commercialisation and how it can be enhanced in different contexts. The papers will address the challenges and problems of commercialisation in small enterprises – processes, strategies, resource allocation, market orientation, collaboration, absorptive capacity, internationalisation, infrastructure, support services, and others. Through the published papers, readers will gain an understanding of the complex processes needed to commercialise products and/or services supported by theoretical models and practical tools. Because commercialisation is context dependent, emphasis is placed on the application of models and analytical tools that clarify the interplay between competition, new ideas, patterns of technological, market change, internationalisation, and the structure and development of internal capabilities to manage commercialisation successfully, regardless of the organisation or sector. 

The following topics could be considered for submission:

  • Assessing market opportunity and competition 
  • Consequence of partial understanding of the commercialisation process
  • Developing the framework for commercialisation strategy, defining vision, setting goals, aligning resources
  • Evolving commercialisation processes
  • Commercialisation in an international context
  • Finding out what users really need - the 'sticking information' and learning by doing problems, ethnographic research techniques etc.
  • Implementation-how to bring products to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Commercialisation and competitive advantage
  • Learning to manage commercialisation in small enterprises
  • Managing internal commercialisation processes - enabling effective search, strategy making, knowledge acquisition, implementation, launch, learning and re-innovation.
  • Measuring for commercialisation - what determines success or failure, the complexity framework, is failure really failure?
  • Optimising commercialisation choices in small enterprises
  • Resourcing commercialisation activities in small enterprises
  • Selecting the best ideas to make the best use of available resources.
  • Structured commercialisation processes for develop new products and/or services 
  • Technology absorptive capacity, knowledge transfer and commercialisation in small enterprises
  • Commercialisation strategies of research based spin-offs
  • Spin-off enterprises as a means of commercialising research
  • Commercialisation processes and strategies in small enterprises
  • Open innovation practices and strategies in small enterprises
  • Understanding relationships between universities and small enterprises
  • Market opportunity analysis and technology transfer in small enterprises
  • Incubators as a framework for commercialising innovations
  • Innovation management and commercialisation in small enterprises;
  • Role of small enterprises commercialising university research
  • Small enterprise participation in publicly funded R&D programmes
  • Innovation support services and commercialisation processes for innovation in small enterprises
  • Commercialisation strategies of technology based small enterprises
  • R&D as a determinant of innovation in small enterprise

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