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Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship welcomes submissions to a special issue contributing towards understanding how entrepreneurial decisions and behaviours.

Survival, longevity and success of SMEs are deeply linked to the effectiveness of entrepreneurial decision making processes. This Special Issue aims at providing a discussion forum to those scholars interested in the investigation and understanding of how decisions permeate the life of entrepreneurial ventures during their life cycle. Indeed, decision-making processes affect all aspects of business at every stage of their development. Making decisions are well-established topics of interest in many fields, including management, psychology, sociology, and political science, to name a few. However, entrepreneurs, compared to nonentrepreneurs, face conditions of high uncertainty, ambiguity, time pressure, emotional intensity and high risk when making decisions. There is a broad agreement that decision-making is affected by cognitive aspects, rationality and intuition, as well as by emotions and passion.

The Special Issue seeks thought-provoking papers based on novel approaches, being them theoretical, conceptual, qualitative or quantitative, that are aims at understanding how entrepreneurial decisions are made. Studies could investigate units of analysis based on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial ventures, small and medium enterprises, family businesses and solo-entrepreneurs.

Topics of interest for this issue include but are not limited to:

  • The impact and effectiveness of entrepreneurial decision-making
  • The impact of individual and cultural characteristics
  • The impact of entrepreneurial decision-making and behaviours on the success of the enterprise
  • The role of emotions, trust and fairness in entrepreneurship
  • The impacts of emotional aspects and passion on the success of the enterprise
  • Entrepreneurial failures and the negative consequences of passion
  • Understanding the duality of cognitive mechanisms (rationality and intuition)
  • The impact of context and environment on entrepreneurial decision making
  • The dynamic aspects of passion, emotions and behaviours


Papers are due by July 15, 2018 and contributors to the track ST03_04 Entrepreneurial decision making and behaviour at the European Academy of Management Conference 2018 are invited to submit their revised manuscripts indicating in a cover letter how the conference reviews were addressed. Participation in the conference is not required but is highly recommended to authors wishing to participate in the special issue. 

This special issue is scheduled to publish in 2019.

Papers must be original and comply with JSBE submissions guidelines. In the on-line submissions system, make sure you submit your script within Manuscript Type: ‘Special Issue: Entrepreneurial Decision Making and Behaviour.’ Informal inquiries should be addressed to a member of the Special Issue Editing team.

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