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Special Issue on War and Peace in Organizational Memory

Management & Organizational History

In honor of the 100th year anniversary of Armistic Day, Management and Organizational History is pleased to announce a timely Special Issue will be published 11 November 2018. This special issue will be devoted to examing the impact that war, as a social and political event, had aupon organizational identity. How did organizations understand and rationalize their national, regional, religious, or racial identity and behavior in times of conflict? What objects, rituals, and ceremonies organizations initiate to remember and commermorate the lives lost in war-- if at all? To what extent were memorials specific to organizations themselves, albeit embedded within wider systems of meaning? How does the end of conflict and peace time change these gestures or attitudes towards other nations or groups? We welcome empirical and theoretical papers that consider these questions and more. Papers that examine the influence of World War I would be pertinent contributions to the issue but it is not confined to focusing on this war alone. Submissions that consider other wars or conflicts, such as the Hundred Years War, Wars of Independence, Civil Wars, Napoleonic War, World War II, the Cold War, would be relevant and we invite papers from all periods and geographical zones.

This call for papers invites potential contributions from those that employ innovative methodologies to examine individuals, groups or organizations and their experience of war.

Potential topics might include:

  • Corporate acts, events, rituals or memorials that remember the war and lives lost
  • Decisions not to mark or otherwise commemorate war and/or conflict
  • War reparations and other related acts
  • The organization’s narrative of its involvement in the war 
  • The disruptive atmosphere of war and crisis management on staff
  • The impact of war or peace on the organization’s national, regional, religious or racial identity
  • Approach of multinational firms to this issue and uniformity or difference in subsidiary organisations
  • Remembering as a means of connecting with local stakeholders, such as customers and the general public
  • Debates about retaining war memorials and the issues with existing stakeholders

Process and Timeline

Those interested in potentially contributing should contact the two guest editors at the earliest opportunity:

Victoria Barnes
Lucy Newton

A paper development workshop will be held in Henley Business School, University of Reading in December 2017.

Manuscripts are to be submitted to Management and Organization History in the normal way. Authors should make it clear that the paper is intended to be part of the Special Issue.

The deadline for submission of papers for the Special Issue is February 28th 2018 with an aim to get final versions accepted by September 2018 for publication.

The Special Issue is timed to coincide with Armistice Day and will appear in November 2018 (Vol. 13, No. 4). We look forward to receiving your manuscripts!

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