International Journal of Advertising: The Review of Marketing Communications Call for Papers

Special Issue on Advertising Humor

International Journal of Advertising


Humor has long been used in advertising, and it has been examined in the advertising literature for more than forty years. However, the last major review of the humor in advertising literature was published nearly twenty-five years ago. Since then there have been significant demographic, cultural, and technological changes that have dramatically affected the marketing and advertising environment. Given these changes, we think it that is now time for a concentrated examination of humor in advertising. What do we know that is still true, and what do we still need to learn as the communications environment becomes increasingly global, digital, and social?

IJA is a leading source of authoritative analysis and international coverage of all aspects of advertising and marketing. IJA focuses on issues of concern to practitioners, academics and policy-makers from a conceptual perspective. This, combined with its intentionally international orientation, makes it well-suited for a comprehensive examination of humor in advertising across cultures and media.


We welcome papers that advance our knowledge of humor in advertising. This may include applications of humor, new developments, models, theories, frameworks and research. Preference will be given to papers that help clarify our knowledge of how, if, or when humor in advertising is most effective. Integrative papers will be given preference over studies more narrowly focused. Potential paper topics that may be addressed include (but are not limited to):

  • Evidence of successful/unsuccessful applications of humor based on sound conceptual frameworks.
  • Novel conceptual approaches to understanding how and when advertising humor works or does not work.
  • New approaches to measuring the impact of advertising humor.
  • Comparison of the effects of different types of humor.
  • Understanding of the cultural factors that influence advertising humor success.
  • Understanding how advertising is (or might be) used in digital, virtual media or other developing media.
  • The role of individual audience factors in the effectiveness of advertising humor. 
  • Development and testing of relevant humor theory.
  • Gaining understanding the ethical implications of the use humor in advertising.
  • Examinations of novel applications of humor in advertising to political advertising, public policy advertising, social issue advertising, etc.
  • Context factors affecting the use of humor in advertising.
  • Evidence of humor effects using realistic humor manipulations and contexts.

Guidelines for Paper Submission

Submissions should follow the manuscript guidelines for IJA.

A typical manuscript for this journal should be no more than 8000 words; this limit includes tables, references, figure captions.

All manuscripts should be submitted through the IJA online submission system, Editorial Manager, between May 1 and May 31, 2018. Authors should select “Special Issue: Humor in Advertising” as “Manuscript Type.” Please also note in the cover letter that the submission is for the Special Issue on Advertising Humor.

The submission deadline is May 31, 2018.

  • All articles will undergo blind peer review by at least two reviewers and a special issue editor.
  • The anticipated date of publication is late Spring 2019.

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