Journal of Teaching in Social Work Special Issue Call for Papers

Preparing Bilingual, Bicultural Social Workers to Serve the Growing Latino Population in America

Journal of Teaching in Social Work

The Journal of Teaching in Social Work plans to publish a Special Issue on Preparing Bilingual, Bicultural Social Workers to Serve the Growing Latino Population in America, with Professor Rocío Calvo of the Boston College School of Social Work as guest editor. We invite manuscripts that address all aspects pertaining to the education of social workers who will be prepared to respond to the human service needs of the growing Latino population in America. Full-time and part-time faculty may wish to contribute, along with agency-based practitioners who have experience, expertise, and interest in this topic. The focus of manuscripts should be on teaching, curriculum, and field education approaches for preparing bilingual (Spanish and English speaking) students in baccalaureate, masters and doctoral social work programs; or, on the provision of continuing education and in-service training to social work practitioners. Read the full instructions for authors

Preferred manuscripts will be those that provide a systematic formative or summative assessment of current educational initiatives, or that offer a detailed and conceptually focused description and rationale for prospective programs, outreach or curricula. (For this special issue, manuscripts will be accepted in English or Spanish.)

Topics might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What current curriculum innovations in this arena should inform future educational offerings?
  • What might represent a core class or field curriculum for an MSW advanced-year specialization in this area?
  • What would be a model for the recruitment, education, licensure and placement of Latino social work graduates?
  • What can accredited social work programs in the Continental United States learn in this arena from current programs in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the Caribbean?
  • What can present evidence-based outcome studies teach us regarding how to recruit and educate bilingual, bicultural practitioners to deliver culturally sensitive “best practices” with a Latino client population?
  • Are there innovations (and is there data) here that could be harnessed and usefully studied by doctoral social work students pursuing dissertations?
  • How can the promotion of bi-lingual/bi-cultural Latino social workers contribute to the Grand Challenges Initiative in social work?
  • What is the relevance of the new 2015 EPAS competencies in supporting curriculum options and innovations for the preparation of bicultural BSW and MSW students?
  • To what extent can continuing education (CE) offerings respond to the growing need for culturally competent bilingual practitioners?
  • Can preparation to serve Latinos and their families be effectively provided via workplace or home-based study, online courses, CD-ROM and webinar options, and similar self-paced instructional designs?
  • How can CSWE and accredited social work programs secure additional funding to underwrite the educational preparation of Latino students in accredited programs?

Submission Instructions

Questions regarding the requirements for manuscript submission can be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief at:, and inquiries with respect to this special issue can be made to the Special Issue Editor, Dr. Rocío Calvo, at

Manuscripts should include an evaluation of both the strengths and limitations of an activity, whether proposed or previously conducted. As is our custom, all manuscripts will undergo a traditional double-blind peer review. The final decision on acceptance, as always, will be the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief.

DEADLINE for manuscript submission: July 1, 2017.