Journal of Child Sexual Abuse Special Issue Call for Papers

Financial Costs of Child Sexual Abuse Experienced by Individuals and Families across the Lifespan

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse

This Special Issue is interested in manuscripts addressing estimated financial costs involved with a wide variety of implications related to acute or chronic child sexual abuse (CSA). Below are examples of particular interest for this Special Issue:

  • The relation of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), CSA, and trauma analysis in relation to medical and other costs;
  • Direct costs to families seeking alternative education - residential or special education services - and projected academic expenses for CSA victims and survivors;
  • Estimated direct or indirect medical expenses an adult survivor of CSA will incur across the lifespan, including hospitalizations;
  • Financial costs for short and long-term psychological/psychiatric care for victims, survivors, and family members;
  • Literature reviews and cost analyses on sexual revictimization across the lifespan and comorbid vs. compounding trauma (e.g., an adult with exposure to domestic violence victimization with a history of CSA);
  • Analysis of severity of trauma and long-term health implications with focus on victimology (i.e., extrafamilial versus intrafamilial CSA) for victims, survivors, and family members.
  • Short and long-term costs associated with treatment for substance abuse related to aftereffects of CSA, including rehabilitation program;
  • Estimated costs of lost wages due to not completing education or dealing with emotional or behavioral problems resulting from CSA.

In order to obtain well-rounded coverage on relevant issues, we seek potential contributors with backgrounds in economic research, medical research, clinical psychology/mental health, social services, and social scientists with professional emphasis in economic costs of trauma, to submit manuscript ideas or articles via email.  

Submission Instructions

Potential contributors may submit manuscript ideas via email in the form of an abstract or a detailed summary (i.e., 500-700 words). Proposals should be sent to Alicia Brav at, and, by May 18, 2017. Submissions that are approved for this special issue will be notified to the submit a full manuscript within 3 months of notification.  Please use “JCSA Thematic Issues- Costs” as the subject line. Once determined to be appropriate, then the article would be submitted electronically via Scholar 1 on the Taylor & Francis website for the Journal of Child Sexual Abuse.

Please Note:  Manuscripts must be submitted in APA format, double-spaced, and may not exceed 30 pages.  For additional information on submissions, please review: