Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship Special Issue Call for Papers

The Development of Entrepreneurship and SMEs in the New Context of Vietnam

Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Vietnam has emerged as one of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries (ranked #5 in Approved Index in 2015).  This is fascinating because Vietnam is a communist country that not long ago suppressed all private interests. Since its adoption of “open door" market-oriented policy in the mid-1980s, Vietnam has seen accelerated internationalization of the economy and incredible development of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported that one fourth of adults living in Vietnam desire to become entrepreneurs (Loc 2016). Given that SMEs and the private sector have been a central force of Vietnamese economic growth (Brandt, Rand et al. 2016), its government has made significant efforts to improve its business environment and startup ecosystem. In 2016, the government launched “Startup Nation”, expecting the growth of a stronger entrepreneurship community and the creation of 1 million new businesses in the country by 2020 (Nguyen 2016).

This intriguing phenomenon, however, has not been well addressed in the scientific research literature. As such, Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship is now calling for papers for its upcoming special issue that contributes towards better understanding of the development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in the new context of Vietnam. The Special Issue seeks thought-provoking papers with clear theoretical contributions. JSBE welcomes novel approaches, being them theoretical, conceptual, qualitative or quantitative. Topics of interest for this issue include but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship in the context of socio-economic and political transition
  • Small business management in the new business landscape
  • Expat entrepreneurs and venture capital in Vietnam
  • Impacts of Vietnamese diaspora and returnees
  • Social entrepreneurship and its impacts
  • Women’s participation in entrepreneurship.



Brandt, K., J. Rand, S. Sharma, F. Tarp and N. Trifković (2016). Characteristics of the Vietnamese business environment: Evidence from a SME survey in 2015, UNU-WIDER.

Loc, V. T. (2016). GEM Vietnam Report 2015/2016. Hanoi, Publishing House of Tranport.

Nguyen, H. (2016). Phó thủ tướng không muốn khởi nghiệp Việt Nam chỉ là “tiềm năng”. Geektime.

Instructions for Submissions

Papers are due by July 15, 2019. All papers must be original and comply with JSBE submissions guidelines. In the onine submission system, make sure you submit your papers within Manuscript Type: “Special Issue: The development of entrepreneurship and SMEs in the new context of Vietnam”. Accepted papers will be published online prior to the special issue’s publication (expected to be in early 2020).

Contributors are invited to submit their drafts to JSBE development workshop organized at Foreign Trade University in Hanoi from December 4 to December 10, 2018. Drafts must be submitted to (under Paper Development Workshop section) before November 26, 2018. Participation in the workshop is not required but is highly recommended to authors wishing to participate in the special issue. Informal inquiries about the development workshop should be addressed to Vũ Hoàng Nam (

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