Call for Special Issue Proposals Journal of Human Trafficking

Journal of Human Trafficking

JHT Special Issues are designed to draw attention to under-researched or controversial topics or to emerging human trafficking related themes. They may also extend the range of coverage of JHT to areas in which the leading scholarship has been confined to other discipline-based journals, but which would benefit from a greater and more direct interchange provided by JHT readership. Since Special Issues, by definition, privilege one group of authors (those who work in the area of the theme) over another, the theme should be broad enough to appeal to readers with expertise and/or interest in a range of human trafficking issues. The ultimate goal of a JHT Special Issue should be the publication of insightful and influential research and practice.  

Important note: JHT considers only proposals with work that has not appeared elsewhere and is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

Special Issue Publication Cycle 

JHT publishes four issues annually in February, May, August, and November (with a hard copy compendium released in December). The first issue of each year (i.e., February) is a dedicated Special Issue (SI). To meet publication deadlines, we require an 18-month window from Notification of Successful Applicants to Publication, as follows:    

  • Proposal Deadline: July 1
  • Notification to Successful Applicant(s): August 1
  • First Draft Due (to Guest Editor): January 1
  • Peer Review / Revise & Resubmit: January to April
  • JHT Administrative Board Blind Review: May 1
  • Final Manuscripts to Production: November 24
  • SI Publication: February 15  

Proposal Types and Requirements

JHT accepts two types of SI proposals; each has distinct requirements.   

1.  SI with Invited Manuscripts. Proposals Must Include the Following: 

  • Suggested title
  • Background and Rationale for the theme of the special issue, 
  • Brief summary of current scholarship in the area justifying Special Issue treatment
  • Academic and expertise background relevant to the proposal topic, affiliation, contact details and a current c.v. for all guest editors.
  • List of invited contributors, their relation to the theme, and 200-250 word abstract for each manuscript
  • List of three to four experts who might contribute to the review process.

2.  SI with Call for Papers.  Proposals Must Include the Following: 

  • Suggested title
  • Background and Rationale for the theme of the special issue, 
  • Brief summary of current scholarship in the area justifying Special Issue treatment
  • Guest editor’s background relevant to the proposal, affiliation, contact details and a current c.v.
  • A copy of the Call for Papers and a list of marketing venues (e.g., listservs, professional organizations, etc…)
  • Illustration/description of breadth of expertise in the content area wide enough to garner quality and quantity of responses to the Call to fill an entire issue.  
  • List of three to four experts who might be contribute to the review process.

Review Process

Proposals will be evaluated by the members of the Administrative Board using the following criteria: 

  • Fit with the JHT Aims and Scope (see
  • Quality and thoroughness of the formal proposal
  • Appeal to a broad and international segment of JHT readership   
  • Scholarly credentials of the proposed Guest Editor(s) 
  • For Invited SI proposals (#1 above):  Scholarly credentials of authors and quality of proposed manuscripts
  • For SI proposals with a General Call (#2 above):  proposed ability to attract high-quality submissions from influential scholars who are experts in the predetermined theme. 

Guest Editor(s)’ Introduction to the SI

The Guest Editor(s) prepares an introduction that reviews the significance of attention to the topic of the Special Issue, suggests new directions for research, and provides a synopsis and integrative analysis of the collective contributions of manuscripts within the Special Issue. The Introductory Article goes through a single-blind review process managed by the Editor-in-Chief. It is JHT policy that none of the Guest Editors can submit a manuscript (either as an author or co-author) for publication in the Special Issue, other than the Introductory Article, in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

Right of Refusal

The editor reserves the right to reject a special issue manuscript if: she, the associate 
editors, and/or members of the editorial board deem it inappropriate for the journal or not in 
accordance with the standards of the journal; the manuscripts are not prepared in accordance with the instructions; copyright agreements signed by all authors are not submitted; the issue is submitted beyond the agreed upon deadline for successful production and publication.  
Submission Process

Submission Instructions 

Special Issue proposals should be submitted through the JHT Editorial Manager website:  

  1. Select Author Login (first-time users will be required to complete the registration process) 
  2. You will be directed to a “New Submissions” screen.  Select “Submit New Manuscript.” 
  3. A new screen appears directing you to Please Select an Article Type.  From the pull-down menu, select either “Proposal:  Special Issue with Invited Manuscripts” OR “Proposal:  Special Issue with Call for Papers”.
  4. You will then be prompted to submit all materials noted above relevant to your proposal type.  

Support & Assistance

Special Issue Guest Editor(s) will be equipped with access to and support from the Taylor & Francis technical, marketing, and editorial/production staff to assist in the successful publication of the SI.  

Please direct all inquiries regarding special issues to the journal editor, Rochelle L. Dalla: