Journal of Economic Policy Reform Special Issue: Re-munipalization of municipal services in Europe and US

Re-munipalization of municipal services in Europe and US: a trend or a hype?

Journal of Economic Policy Reform

There are some indications that municipal services are contracted back towards public delivery. Papers using quantitative data for Europe and US find reversals after privatisation an emerging trend at end of last century. At that time outsourcing of municipal services had been heralded as a reform to promote efficiency and responsiveness in local government service delivery. Some recent studies show more mixed outcomes and have pointed out that reversals are part of a pragmatic managerial process, as privatisation of complex tasks can be associated with higher costs and lower quality. Others argue that reversals are primarily politically motivated or that the issue of corporatization has become important. We are soliciting papers for a special issue on re-municipalization which address theory, quantitative analysis and/or case-studies.

Submission Instructions

If you are interested in having your paper considered for the special feature, please submit a one page abstract to Raymond Gradus by December 7th, 2018.

Authors will be provided with a decision by December 21st. The deadline for papers to be submitted to the guest-editors is February 1st, 2019. The maximum length of papers is 7,000 words. All papers will undergo independent peer review prior to acceptance for publication.

Editorial information

  • Guest Editor: Germà Bel
  • Guest Editor: Raymond Gradus
  • Guest Editor: Mildred Warner