Business, Economics, and Sociology Calls for Papers

Justice Evaluation Journal Now Welcoming Submissions!

“JEJ strives to publish the best research on the efficacy and efficiency of crime reduction and prevention programs. In that spirit, it lies at the intersection of how academic research can help inform criminal justice policy and practice…

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Public Management Review Special Issue Call for Papers

In the past decade, the study of public service management has developed into a vibrant academic field. Through this development, it is becoming apparent that the notion of value co-creation (Alford 2009) is key to our understanding of…

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Bioengineered Bioengineered is looking for a new Editor-In-Chief

This post is for an initial term of three years, starting in 2018.

About the Journal 
Bioengineered is an open access, multi-disciplinary, peer reviewed journal dedicated to highlighting the most recent and significant advances in the…

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Journal of African Business Special Issue Call for Papers

Today’s firms are confronted with the difficulty of maintaining credible brand differentiation in the face of imitation and homogenization of offerings (Hatch and Schultz, 2001) within overcrowded and fragmented markets (Fuchs and…

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