Business, Economics, and Sociology Calls for Papers

Victims & Offenders Special Issue Call for Papers

This special issue will focus on why and how sex workers and pimps quit the sex trade. There is an extensive literature on ‘desistance’ or veering off the ‘bad’ path, with different theoretical frameworks explaining why people quit crime.…

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Journal of Gender Studies Special Issue Call for Papers

Female, queer or gender-variant subjects have long been associated with anonymity. Historically, marginalised individuals have often chosen to conceal their identity or aspects of themselves in order to gain authority and acceptance, for…

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Journal of Advertising Special Issue Call for Papers

We invite you to submit your manuscript to an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Advertising on Advertising in Asia: Theories and Implications for Practice, which is dedicated to advancing theories for understanding the unique aspects…

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Africa Journal of Management Special Issue Call for Papers

Recent reports on Africa indicate that the continent is one of the fastest growing regions of the world, second to East Asia. To sustain this performance, it is important that African organizations, for-profit and non-profit, compete not…

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Accounting and Business Research Special Issue and Conference Call for Papers

Conference venue: Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, China

 Conference dates: 8-9 December 2018

 Keynote speaker: Professor Mark DeFond, University of Southern California

 Guest editors: Liansheng Wu (Peking University) and…

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