Business, Economics, and Sociology Calls for Papers

Journal of Marketing Management Special Issue: Marketing and Managing Racial Dynamics

As a social construct, race is a key aspect of hierarchy upon which the functioning of marketing is understood and practiced. Racial dynamics remain central to contemporary marketing strategies across the globe, including product…

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Journal of Marketing Management Special Issue: #MeToo and Beyond

We need to talk about … Sexism, Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination and Othering in Marketing Practice and Academia

There is often a tendency in the marketing discipline to view the social world in largely positive ways. The problem is…

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Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising Call for Papers: Special Issue

We all have them—papers that are good, that are interesting, that are insightful. We love these papers. And we can’t get them published. Anywhere. But we hold onto them. Keep them in file folders and computer folders and in our hearts. We…

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