Business, Economics, and Sociology Calls for Papers

Action Learning: Research & Practice Join the Conversation on the Relationship Between Action and Learning

The oft quoted 'equation' on action learning (l=p+q) highlights the relationship between learning (l), programmed knowledge (p) and questioning insight (q). Indeed, the pivotal role of questioning insight is generally accepted as a hallmark…

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Culture and Organization Share Your Research on the Circular Economy

This special issue of Culture and Organization invites contributions that question the Circular Economy in innovative ways. This special issue aims at bringing together critical, interpretive and theory-driven papers that go beyond the often…

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Innovation and Development We Excitedly Await Your Research

 Emerging market countries like Brazil, South Africa, China and India face common challenges in relation to addressing rural poverty, low income levels, poor access to basic services and multiple other inequalities. As exemplified by the…

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