Business, Economics, and Sociology Calls for Papers

Innovation: Organization & Management Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Digital Innovation

Innovation: Organization & Management is inviting submissions for a forthcoming special issue on Digital Innovation. There will also be an associated paper development workshop linked to the special issue.

Special issue theme

Since the…

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Legal Ethics Join the Conversation!

Legal Ethics is the leading international journal publishing scholarship on legal ethics broadly defined including legal professional responsibility, ethical approaches to the practice of law, and legal ethics education.  We welcome…

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The European Journal of Finance Special Issue and Conference Call for Papers

Financial Data Science is an emerging complementary field to Econometrics. It is concerned with the estimation of robust and accurate models from empirical data but puts a stronger emphasis than traditional Econometrics on the relevance of…

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Business History Special Issue Call for Papers

Business historians have stressed the international dimensions of business for a long time. Research on multinational enterprises (MNE) including the Free-Standing Company (FSC) belongs to the important contributions of Business History to…

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