Journal of Bisexuality Special Issue Call for Papers

At the intersection: Exploring experiences of bisexual People of Color and Indigenous People

Journal of Bisexuality

The Journal of Bisexuality invites submission of abstracts for a special issue on bisexual/bi+/plurisexual/queer (henceforth bi+) People of Color and Indigenous People (POCI) to be co-edited by Kirsten A. Gonzalez and Della V. Mosley. 

Bi+ POCI uniquely negotiate aspects of identity in a culture that stigmatizes their sexual identity and racial/ethnic group membership. 

Often this stigmatization occurs through failing to situate intersectionality at the forefront of discussions and understandings of bi+ POCI identities and experiences within systems of oppression.

This special issue aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the lived experiences of bi+ POCI when considering their unique identity negotiations across multiple social locations. 

Additionally, because research on bi+ POCI often focuses on the experiences of stigmatization and marginalization without fully considering the resilience, strengths, and healing strategies of bi+ POCI, another aim of this special issue is to contribute to the scholarship on bi+ POCI through focusing on the positive narratives unique to bi+ POCI.    

We welcome disciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions.  Empirical studies and critical analyses, and reviews with special emphasis on work that draws conclusions to inform practice, policy, and directions for future research are encouraged.

The focus of submitted papers may include, but is not limited to: 

  • Intersectionality across race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality while considering other social locations such as age, class, ability, religion, citizenship, size, skin tone, and geographic areas
  • Definitions or conceptualizations of bisexuality/plurisexuality across race/ethnicity
  • Analyses of bi+ POCI across race/ethnicity
  • Resistance, resilience, healing, and positive coping strategies for bi+ POCI
  • Connections and belonging within bi+ and racial/ethnic minority communities
  • Experiences of stigma and discrimination within bi+ and POCI communities (e.g., racism within bi+ communities, biphobia within POCI communities, and “isms” within both spaces)
  • Gender performance, body image, and media portrayals of bi+ POCI
  • Bi-erasure and bi-invisibility as bi+ POCI
  • Sex-positive sexology centering bi+ POCI (e.g., sexual desire, sexual communication, intimacy, pleasure)
  • Culturally sensitive measures that accurately capture the experiences of bi+ POCI
  • Theoretical and methodological considerations and implications for researching bi+ POCI (e.g., research advancements, innovations, and barriers)
  • Counseling bi+ POCI

Manuscript Submissions

Proposed abstract submissions should be 500-1,000 words in length and are due by July 1st, 2018

Full instructions for authors can be found here

Abstracts should be jointly submitted to and

If an abstract is accepted, full articles will be due September 1, 2018.  

Full articles will be submitted to a full peer-review process which will determine final acceptance for the special issue.

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