Journal of Cognition and Development Call for Papers: Special Issue

Found in Translation: Cognitive Development Meets Education

Journal of Cognition and Development

Chuck Kalish and Kelly Mix are editing a Special Issue of Journal of Cognition and Development focused on the intersection of cognitive development and education.

Many developmentalists work on content that is relevant to the education community, but relatively few have worked in partnership with school district personnel, curriculum developers, museums, and/or other educational stakeholders.

For those who have, the experience can be transformational. Not only does the education community benefit from a developmental research approach, but the research itself is shaped in ways that address issues of pressing concern to practitioners and policy makers, as well as leading to novel theoretical questions.

We seek strong examples of this bidirectional influence and the rich outcomes that are possible when developmentalists dive deep into educational contexts.

For this Special Issue, the editors invite empirical and theoretical submissions from scientists who have successfully navigated the intersection of cognitive development and education.

Possible domains include (but are not limited to): basic processes such as memory or attention, reading comprehension, language learning (especially second language learning), learning in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and more.

Submissions should make substantive links to both the developmental and educational literatures.

Empirical papers need not report data from both, but the authors should provide a compelling theoretical argument about why the report is relevant to the theme of the Special Issue.

The goal of the Special Issue is to foster a dialogue between fields, so we encourage authors who study cognitive development to seek co-authors from the education field, and vice versa.

We also encourage submissions that report on “lessons learned” from earlier and/or ongoing collaborations of this kind.

Ready to submit?

Interested contributors should submit a 1-page proposal to by September 30, 2017.

The editors will send out invitations for full manuscripts.

Final manuscripts will be due in April of 2018.

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