The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion Call for Papers

The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion (IJPR) is devoted to psychological studies of religious processes and phenomena in all religious traditions. This journal provides a means for sustained discussion of psychologically relevant issues that can be examined empirically and concern religion in the most general sense.

It presents articles covering a variety of important topics, such as:

  • The social psychology of religion.
  • Religious development.
  • Conversion.
  • Religious experience.
  • Religion and social attitudes.
  •  Behavior, religion and mental health.
  • Sychoanalytic.
  • Other theoretical interpretations of religion.

The journal publishes research reports, brief research reports, commentaries on relevant topical issues, book reviews, and statements addressing articles published in previous issues.

The journal may also include a major essay and commentaries, perspective papers of the theory, and articles on the psychology of religion in a specific country.

2015 Journal Citations Report® ranks  The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion 57th out of 127 journals in Multidisciplinary Psychology with a 5-year Impact Factor of 1.427.

Submission Instructions

Journal policy is to have at least two members of the Editorial Board or other qualified reviewers independently and anonymously referee all manuscripts accepted for publication.

English is the language of the journal, but, as far as possible, the Editors will consider manuscripts written in other languages (although English translations will be required).

Please click here for the full instructions for authors.

Editorial information

  • Editor: Heinz Streib, Bielefeld University