Cognitive Neuroscience Call for Papers

Special Issue: Memory Modulation

Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience is seeking submissions for a forthcoming Special Issue entitled "Memory Modulation".

Submissions should include Empirical Papers (Empirical Reports or Brief Reports) or Discussion Papers that focus on the modulation of brain processes involved in human episodic memory.

The cognitive neuroscience of memory has long been grounded in studies of what happens when memory systems are compromised, as in patients with damage to the medial temporal lobes.

Since these foundational discoveries, much has been learned about episodic memory processes in the healthy brain.

Brain systems, however, are not static, and even in an intact memory system, perturbations may reveal fundamental properties of its organization.

Thus, an important direction for current and future research is to investigate how memory systems are modulated in the healthy brain and the consequences for behavior.

One way to modulate memory systems is by introducing naturally-occurring states known to alter neural processing in brain areas important for memory, such as states of emotion, reward, or stress.

An alternative way to modulate memory systems is by applying experimental interventions that are thought to influence brain activity, such as transcranial magnetic or electrical stimulation.

The current special issue will highlight recent work on memory modulation, with a particular emphasis on enhancing or biasing episodic memory processes.

We welcome reports of rigorous attempts to modulate memory function (regardless of outcome) and theoretical work relating to these issues.

Papers on the modulation of other forms of memory (e.g., implicit memory, semantic memory) may also be considered.

Articles for the special issue should conform to the article types for this journal (i.e., Empirical Reports, Brief Reports, or Discussion Papers).

Further details and full Instructions for Authors can be found at our journal's website.

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts should be submitted by Monday the 1st of February 2018.

Please submit an electronic copy of your manuscript through our online submissions website and select ‘Memory Modulation’ as the manuscript type.

Your submission should be a single .doc or .pdf file and include a cover letter clearly indicating that your submission is to be considered for the special issue.

Please also include a list of up to three suggested referees.

For further information, or if you have any questions about suitability of your work, please contact Maureen Ritchey.

Editorial information

  • Guest editor: Maureen Ritchey, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Boston College (MA), USA (