The Clinical Neuropsychologist Call for Papers: Special Issue

Are modern neuropsychological assessment methods really ‘modern’? Reflections on the current neuropsychological test armamentarium.

The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Brain anatomy, physiology, and function can be measured with a precision never available before.

Tremendous progress has been made in cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial neuroscience.

Have these advances in neuroscientific knowledge informed current methods of neuropsychological testing and assessment?

This Special Issue will focus on whether our evaluation techniques reflect current knowledge of brain and mind functioning.

We are seeking reviews and empirical papers that critically examine both the advantages and the limitations of the application of modern theoretical concepts, methods of measurement, and data analysis to neuropsychological diagnosis.

We are not seeking papers on norms development or psychometrics (e.g., reliability or validity studies), or papers on existing tests using new platforms (e.g., tablets), but rather creative, novel approaches to neuropsychological testing and assessment based on recent advances in neuroscientific as well as psychosocial knowledge.

Goals of the Special Issue:

We hope to inspire specialists and new students in the field to think about assessment differently, to apply the latest knowledge about the brain and mind functioning to assessment methodologies, and to consider what challenges our brains face in the modern world we live in.

Ready to submit?

Letter of Intent:

Researchers wishing to submit a manuscript in response to this call for papers must first send a brief Letter of Intent to the Special Issue Guest Editors, Dr. Bernice Marcopulos and Dr. Emilia Łojek, no later than by March 1, 2018.

Only manuscripts that have been invited by the Special Issue Guest Editors based on a Letter of Intent will be considered.

Next steps:

Manuscripts must be submitted by March 16, 2018 for publication in 2019.

Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with The Clinical Neuropsychologist Instructions for Authors, and submitted through the journal’s ScholarOne submission platform.

Please indicate in the cover letter accompanying your manuscript, as well as in the drop-down Special Issue menu in the ScholarOne submission portal, that you would like to have the paper considered for the Special Issue called “Are modern neuropsychological assessment methods really ‘modern’?”

If you have any questions regarding the Special Issue, please contact the Special Issue Guest Editors.

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