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Migration and Care Work: Comparative Approach to Policies and Practices in Asia

Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & Development

Responding to the low fertility rate and population ageing, a number of Asian countries have been introducing migrants to undertake care work including both child care and elderly care. Care work which used to be shouldered by women at home as an unpaid work is quickly transforming itself not only to be outsourced to the market but becoming a frontline in the uneven process of globalization. While the opening up of care labour market allowed the local women to relegate the care burden to migrants without sacrificing their career or family life the scholars have been revealing what the globalization of care work entails. Much has been written about the migrant domestic workers regarding their experiences in the host society including displacement, discipline, and power struggles within the sphere of intimacy.

In Asia, both migrant sending and receiving countries exist but the intra-regional mobility within the region neither guarantee the human rights and well-being of the migrant workers nor bring a common ground for mutual understanding. Rather we see the power relations that operate both at the macro and micro levels that differentiate and stratify the migrants in the host society as ‘others’. However, a closer examination and comparison within Asia reveals a differentiated construction of a generic term ‘migrant care workers’ as both care work and migrants are shaped by the policies and institutional framework of the nation state.

This Special Issue intends to investigate how the global care chain manifests in different contexts and embedded in different regimes within Asia. It attempts to analytically distinguish between domestic work and care work even though they may converge within the actual settings and situate them within the larger social welfare regimes and institutions. The papers revisit the nature of care regimes in East Asia in relation to the migration regimes in order to examine the intersection between the welfare of the care recipients and social rights of the migrants in multiple ways. It also brings together the perspectives from both sending and receiving countries and shed light on the policies and practices on migrant care workers who are becoming an integral part of the care workforce in Asia.

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