Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & Development Special Issue Call for Papers

Inclusive Child Development Accounts: Toward Universality and Progressivity

Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & Development

The Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development announces a special issue dedicated to the studies of Child Development Accounts.

Child Development Accounts (CDAs) are subsidized savings or investment accounts that support families accumulate assets for children’s developmental purposes and life-course needs such as postsecondary education, home purchase, small business development, and eventually, retirement security (Sherraden, 1991, 2014). The emphasis is on investing in children early in life, empowering them to achieve their potential as productive citizens. CDAs are envisioned as universal (i.e., everyone participates), progressive (i.e., greater subsidies for the poor), and a potentially lifelong national policy. Universality and progressivity are the two most important policy features of CDAs.

As innovations in CDA policy progressed in recent years, several countries (e.g., Singapore, Korea, Israel) have adopted national CDA policies, and multiple statewide policies are now in place in the United States (e.g., Maine, Rhode Island, Nevada, Connecticut; Loke & Sherraden, 2009; Sherraden et al., in press). Research suggests that CDAs have positive financial impacts and promote child development, especially for disadvantaged children (e.g., Clancy et al., 2016; Huang, Sherraden, Kim, & Clancy, 2014; Huang, Sherraden, & Purnell, 2014; Nabunya et al., 2015; Sherraden et al., 2015; Ssewamala, et al., 2014). Evidence (e.g., Clancy et al., 2016) also indicates that true universality can be achieved with automatic account opening and automatic deposits. Today, momentum for universal and progressive CDAs is accelerating.

We invite submissions from scholars in multiple disciplines and research fields studying program design, policy development, and impact evaluation of CDAs or asset-building programs for children in the global context, and particularly, in the Asia-Pacific region. Examples include:

  • Identifying policy development strategies and program features to achieve universality and progressivity;
  • Identifying key policy designs to inform the creation of future CDA policies and programs;
  • Evaluating short- and long-term CDA impacts on asset accumulation, financial inclusion, and non-financial outcomes (e.g., education, parenting practices) for children and families;
  • Comparison of CDA policies and research across different countries and regions;
  • Discussion of considerations for successful CDA policy implementations.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be made online at the Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development ScholarOne Manuscripts website by 15 August 2018. Indicate on the title page that this is for the special issue.

The required format of the articles can be found in the Instruction for Authors.

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Editorial information

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  • Guest Editor: Li Zou, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Guest Editor: Michael Sherraden, Washington University in St. Louis