Behavioral Sciences Calls for Papers

Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care Call for Papers

Increasingly, there has been a demand by modern society to recognize diversity, in all forms, in all aspects of society. Often entering the discussion is the acknowledgment of the uniqueness of individuals who may be seen as ‘different’ and…

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Identity Call for Papers: Special Issue

Identity invites short theoretical manuscripts (4,000 words) for a new Special Issue dedicated to the topic of Erikson's continued generative legacy vis-à-vis the future study of identity.

Inspired by the upcoming occasion of the passing of…

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The Clinical Neuropsychologist Call for Papers: Special Issue

Brain anatomy, physiology, and function can be measured with a precision never available before.

Tremendous progress has been made in cognitive, behavioral and psychosocial neuroscience.

Have these advances in neuroscientific knowledge…

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