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Aims & Scope

European Clinical Respiratory Journal is an open access journal publishing clinical and experimental studies, case reports, expert opinions, and reviews in the area of respiratory diseases in children, adults and the elderly. Our journal is split into two sections: a scientific section and an educational section, each focusing on different fascits of treating and understanding respiratory diseases. Topics covered include:

1.      Scientific section

  • Epidemiology of disease
  • Preventive strategies
  • Pathophysiological and immunological mechanisms of respiratory diseases
  • Identification of potential future treatment targets and novel treatments of respiratory diseases
  • Clinical trials including randomized, placebo controlled and observational “real life” clinical trials
  • Clinical aspects of respiratory disease including systemic involvement and comorbidities
  • Improved diagnostic and research methods, including imaging techniques, physiological tests, sampling techniques and biomarkers
  • Occupational and environment related lung disease
  • Progress in smoking intervention and cessation methods
  • Disease and management-related issues, including self-management
  • Respiratory intensive and critical care
  • Updates on the status of and advances in specific disease areas, including allergy, asthma, ARDS, COPD, ILD, Cystic Fibrosis, bronchiectasis, respiratory infectious diseases, tuberculosis, lung cancer, and sleep-disordered breathing morbidity:

2.      Educational section

  • Treatment guidelines overview
  • Diagnostic procedures and recommendations
  • Literature reviews and meta-analyses
  • Case presentations and reviews of the literature
  • Letter to the editor
  • Expert opinions
  • Expert meetings and symposium proceedings

Submission Insctructions

APC Information

The standard article publishing charge (APC) for this journal is: €1400/$1582/£1218 (or €750/$848/£653 for members of The Nordic Respiratory Societies), for up to 7 pages. The APC for Short Communication up to 4 typeset pages is: €800/$904/£696. Articles exceeding these page limits will incur an additional charge of: €65/$73/£57 per page. Depending on your location, these charges may be subject to local taxes.

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Editorial Information

  • Chief Editor: Leif Bjermer, Lund, Sweden

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