World Art Contribute to the Exploration of Art Across Cultures, Disciplines, and Practices

World Art

World Art is a peer-reviewed journal for scholars, students and art practitioners which considers art across time, place and culture.  It aims to bring new insights and analysis to a wider, global audience.The journal promotes experimental and comparative approaches for studying human creativity, past and present. It provides a forum for rethinking artistic and interpretive categories and for addressing cultural translation of art practices, canons and discourses.

World Art aims to:

  • Explore what art is for people around the globe
  • Encourage contributors to investigate the distribution of art, and to challenge categories like the mainstream and the marginalized
  • Welcome contributions that promote inter-cultural, inter-national, inter-practice and inter-disciplinary concerns
  • ​Encourages critical reflection at the intersections of theory, method and practice
  • Enable new histories to emerge, aiming to complement traditional scholarly narratives and presentations about art

Submissions can take the form of:

  • Research articles based on individual or collaborative research
  • Visual essays prioritising images with a critical commentary
  • Dialogues between scholars and practitioners
  •  Interventions exploring ideas across cultures, disciplines and practices
  •  Position papers giving voice to topical themes and debates

Audio and video materials and additional colour images may be included for the online version.
The journal is an English language publication, but submissions in other languages may be considered.
All contributions are peer-reviewed. The Editors are supported by an international Advisory Board.

How to Submit

Why Publish with World Art?

In addition to the prestige of publishing in this unique journal, authors receive the following benefits:

  • Validate your research through a robust peer review process
  • Increase your opportunities for future collaboration
  • Share your research with 50 free e-prints and tips on promoting your article courtesy of our Author Resources site
  • Immediately see the impact your research made in the community: track downloads, citations, and the Altmetric Score of your article on My Authored Works
  • And much more!

For detailed instructions on how to submit to World Art, please visit our Author Instructions Site.

Editorial information

  • Editor : Dr George Lau, Reader, Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of Africa, Oceania & the Americas, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
  • Editor : Dr Henrietta Lidchi, Keeper of World Cultures, National Museums Scotland, UK
  • Editor : Dr Margit Thøfner, Independent Researcher, Norwich, UK