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The editor, the editor-select of the journal, and the publications committee are concerned about the historic underrepresentation of scholars of color and minoritized/marginalized scholars in communication journals  (https://academic.oup.com/joc/article-abstract/68/2/254/4958972?redirectedFrom=fulltex),  a problem that goes far beyond the Western Journal of Communication.  We welcome submissions on these topics or any others that concern ongoing racism and discrimination in society as it relates to communication practices.  As with all submissions, manuscripts will be reviewed by scholars with particular relevant expertise in the content, method, and/or theory used in the research.  If sufficient manuscripts are accepted on this topic, they may be grouped together in a special section or special issue of the journal.  

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  • Editor-select: Amy Johnson, Western Journal of Communication
  • Editor: Robert C. Rowland, Western Journal of Communication
  • Chair, Publications Committee: Stacey Sowards, Western States Communication Association