Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science: Bridging Asia and the World Call for Papers

Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science

The Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science: Bridging Asia and the World (JGSMS) is a quarterly journal that publishes original and peer-reviewed papers that significantly contribute to the overall advancement of marketing theory, research, and practice. JGSMS is the official journal of the Korean Scholars of Marketing Science. 

The JGSMS vision:

JGSMS endeavors to be a “global bridge” connecting marketing scholars throughout the world. JGSMS has an Asian base, but a global scope. We publish high-quality scholarly articles on marketing written by contributors representing the leading academic authors from Asia and worldwide. As we state on the cover of every issue, our positioning statement, our value added to the marketing scholar readership, is truly to “Bridge Asia and the World.”

JGSMS aims to:

  • Monitor and analyze global marketing needs and trends.
  • Generate and integrate new ideas and theories related to marketing theory and practice.
  • Refine applications of new research methods and techniques.
  • Experiment with and expand marketing practices.

JGSMS welcomes manuscripts that provide fresh, innovative insight to any topic in the field of marketing. Both conceptual and empirical works are valued, so long as the manuscript addresses substantive issues in marketing. 

Topics published by JGSMS include (but are not limited to):

Global Marketing, Consumer and Buyer Behavior, Marketing Research Methodology, Marketing Management, Channel Management, Fashion Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Product Planning, Sales Promotion, Marketing Modeling, B-to-B or Industrial Marketing, Marketing Theory and Philosophy of Marketing Science, Service Marketing, Marketing Education, Retail and Wholesaling, Marketing Communication, Ethics and Social Responsibility of Marketing, Legal and Public Issues in Marketing, Market Segmentation, Pricing, Nonprofit Marketing, Sport Marketing. 

Submission Guidelines

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