Studies in Eastern European Cinema Join the Conversation on Film Archiving in Eastern Europe

Studies in Eastern European Cinema

Film-archive-as-subject has gained increasing scholarly currency at least since the publication of Penelope Huston’s Keepers of the Frame (1994), which traced the beginnings and subsequent developments of the film archive movement. The following decades have witnessed the appearance of a whole array of studies on various aspects of film archiving, but the majority of publications (in English) have tended to concentrate on larger collections and institutions in Western Europe and North America. With some exceptions, most notably the recently released monograph, The Czech Film Archive 1943–1993: Institutional Development and Problems of Practice by Jan Trnka (2018), histories of film archiving in Eastern European countries remain either ‘locked’ in their respective linguistic spaces or even completely unwritten. This special issue of Studies in Eastern European Cinema aims to provide a platform for enquiries into the past and present of film archives/collections across Eastern Europe, inviting both studies that concentrate on individual national situations and those that take a comparative, regional perspective.

Possible avenues of inquiry include, but are not limited to:

  • early film collections and/or pioneering figures;
  • institutional histories of film archives/collections;
  • politics and film collections;
  • relationships with national heritage institutions;
  • international relationships (FIAF and beyond);
  • policies and practices of acquisition, cataloguing/documentation, preservation and access;
  • opportunities and challenges of the ‘digital turn’;
  • (past) visions of the future of film archiving.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your proposal, including a title and an abstract of 300–500 words, as well as short bio(s) of the author(s), by 1 December 2018.

The deadline for submitting the full article of 6,000–7,000 words is 31 May 2019.

Any queries should be addressed to Eva Näripea.

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