Theatre and Performance Design Call for Papers Special Issue: On Models

Theatre and Performance Design

Edited by Thea Brejzek and Lawrence Wallen

Scenographic models or maquettes together with sketches, drawings, and renderings are principal instruments in the design and communication processes of stage design for theatre performance. Scale models clarify and explain spatial configurations and relations. In design terms, models evolve through iterations, material experiments and explorations that are elliptical and non-linear, and most models are finalized to represent the future production.

A close look at the model also reveals examples in theatre and performance design that move beyond the purely iterative and representational toward an autonomous status. These models consitute their own end product, and generate no further artifact, design, or production. The autonomous model, we argue, is neither process-driven nor representational but conceptualized and built to be autonomous and appears increasingly in exhibitions of scenography and performance as well as on the stage itself.

For the proposed issue, On Models, we invite contributions that look at the theory and practice of all manifestations of the stage set model in theatre and performance while engaging with its performative and epistemic attributes. We are interested in proposals that explore speculative, projective, or retrospective, as well as realistic, experimental, or pragmatic models in the form of scholarly articles, dialogues, interviews, visual essays, manifestos, and production diaries.

This special issue of Theatre and Performance Design, On Models, invites scholars and practitioners to engage with the model in expanded practices of theatre and peformance design.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Modelling practice as research
  • From the Model to the Stage
  • Material Thinking
  • 'Reading' the model
  • Virtual and Augmented Models
  • Scenographic Notation
  • Models and Reality
  • Models and Temporality
  • Scale and Narrative

Thea Brejzek's and Lawrence Wallen's forthcoming book The Model as Performance, Staging Space in Theatre and Architecture, Bloomsbury 09/2017, charts new territory by examing the history and development of the physical scale model across theatre and architecture practice from the Rensaissance to the present. The aim of this book is to establish the model as an active agent in the making of space within and expanded theatre and architectural discourse.

Submission Instructions

Theatre & Performance Design invites submissions for publication for its fourth Volume in 2018. For further information on submissions please click here. In addition, papers should also be directed to Guest Editors, Thea Brejzek and Lawrence Wallen.

Date for Expressions: 1 July, 2017

Editorial information

  • Editor: Arnold Aronson, Columbia University, USA
  • Editor: Jane Collins, University of the Arts, London, UK