Invitation to Submit PaleoAmerica: A journal of early human migration and dispersal

Published on behalf of the Center for the Study of First Americans, PaleoAmerica disseminates new research results and ideas about how early human dispersal and migrations, with a particular focus on the Americas. It fosters an interdisciplinary dialog between archaeologists, geneticists and other scientists investigating the dispersal of modern humans during the late Pleistocene.

PaleoAmerica is looking for submissions which fit with its three primary goals. First and foremost, it publishes articles which present new research results. Second, it publishes editorials on special topics written by leaders in the field. Third, the journal welcomes essays covering current debates in the field, the state of research in relevant disciplines, and summaries of new research findings in a particular region.

Although PaleoAmerica’s focus is the peopling of the Americas it also invites editorials and essays which highlight the investigation into early human colonization of empty lands in other areas of the world. As new techniques and discoveries in archaeology, genetics, biological anthropology, and Quaternary science are constantly advancing our understanding of the dispersal of modern humans, work in other regions can be very relevant to the Americas. 

Instructions for Authors

You can submit your paper online via the online submissions system. Be sure to read the Instructions for Authors before submitting.

Any queries regarding submitting can be directed to the Editor Ted Goebel

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