Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care Call for manuscripts for special issue on Issues of Diversity at the End of Life

Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care

Increasingly, there has been a demand by modern society to recognize diversity in all aspects of society.

Often discussed is the acknowledgment of the uniqueness of individuals who may be ‘different’ and to honor wishes at the end of life that enhance the recognition of individual preferences based on diversity factors.

A range of such factors and public perceptions can affect psychosocial well-being not only for those individuals, but also for the families and health professionals providing support and care.

For this special issue, the editor encourages original research, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses, policy analysis, program evaluation, innovative educational programs, and evaluated community interventions.

Cases may also be presented that demonstrate effective interventions. Manuscripts must specifically relate to palliative and/or end-of-life care topics in care of the individual and/or related to family caregiving. The focus may be on specific populations or care settings.   

Examples of topics that will be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental health issues/problems (such as depression, anxiety) and intervention models
  • Bereavement
  • Family-related needs and roles
  • Pain and other symptom management (such as fatigue, weakness, dyspnea)
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Cultural considerations and culturally-sensitive interventions
  • Needs of vulnerable populations, along with interventions to address the needs
  • Roles and needs of family and other informal caregivers
  • Relationships between family/informal and formal (paid) caregivers
  • Communication and decision making about treatment and care
  • Ethical challenges encountered
  • Pediatric concerns
  • Policies that affect the enactment of diversity-sensitive care

Manuscripts should also address related practice, policy, research, and educational implications for social work/mental health professionals regarding the issue identified. Also, interdisciplinary approaches to diversity issues are encouraged.

Practice Concepts and Innovations and Reflections sections submissions are also appropriate for this special issue.

Instructions for Authors

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Questions about this call for manuscripts may be addressed to: Ellen L. Csikai

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