Journal of Religious and Political Practice Call for Papers

Journal of Religious and Political Practice

The Journal of Religious and Political Practice is a peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal which offers a global and inclusive perspective on religion and politics. Taking ‘practice’ as its primary focus it promotes the discussion of organizations, parties, traditions, institutions, ideas, physical spaces, and objects that have political and religious significance: exploring religion and politics, not just as ideologies or belief systems, but as rituals, programs, mobilizations, and practices embodied in everyday activities, institutions, and structures.

Incorporating research articles that debate and analyze issues such as secularization, globalization, the post-secular, religious reform, media, intra- and inter-religious dialogues, power and authority, migration, citizenship, national identity, pilgrimages, violence and peace, and ecological movements, the Journal of Religious and Political Practice aims to invigorate debate and offer new themes and directions for future research.


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Submission Instructions

The journal welcomes both qualitative and quantitative articles and is open to different methodologies from survey analysis to ethnographic studies. It will also publish thematic interviews with key scholars and review articles. Contributions from the fields of political anthropology, sociology, political theory, geography, media studies, postcolonial studies, religious studies, international relations, critical conflict/terrorism studies and comparative history are also welcome.

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Editorial information

  • Editor: Irfan Ahmad, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Editor: Bryan S. Turner, The Graduate Centre, CUNY, USA